• Need help academically?  Scheduling issue?  Not sure how to talk to your teacher about a problem you’re having? Curious how to start preparing for college?  Worried about missing credits?  Wondering where you sign up to take the SAT, ACT or the STAMP exams?  We can help.   You can make an appointment to talk to your counselor, or you can also find help on the following links:

    • SAT Registration and Prep:  Sign up for Receiving a Question of the Day:  www.collegeboard.org (See us for waivers if you are on Free/Reduced Lunch)
    • ACT Registration:  www.actstudent.org (See us for waivers if you are on Free/Reduced Lunch)
    • STAMP/SLIP Registration:  See counselor

            (practice test for STAMP is:  www.avantassessment.com)

    • Referrals to Multnomah County Health Clinic at Franklin:  See Counselor, or

            call:  503-988-3370

    • Referrals for mental health, drug/alcohol assessment:  See Counselor, or call Multnomah County Crisis Hotline for referral to low cost or sliding scale agencies. 
    • Advanced Placement Information

    Several times per year, our counseling department facilitates classroom guidance lessons. These presentations provide students with valuable information and resources to foster students’ academic, personal and social development as well as college and career readiness. 

    9th Grade Fall presentation: How You Doin’?

    10th Grade presentation: link to follow

    11th Grade Fall presentation: Where Do I Go Next?

    12th Grade Fall presentation:  Hello, Class of 2020!


    We will continue to add presentations to our website as they become available!