2022-2023 Sun Registration Form

  • 2022-2023 SUN forms MUST be completed before the start date to participate in the following programs: 

    Supper, free meal (Monday-Thursday at 3:30pm)- starts Sept 19th

    Escalera and Early Escalera with Latino Network- starts in late September

    SUN Tutoring (Monday-Thursday, 3:45-5:30pm)- starts Sept 19th

    Jobs 101 and Pathways to Trade with Impact Northwest- starts Sept 19th and 22nd (Pathways)

    Step Up- starts August 30th

    College Possible (11th + 12th Grades)- starts in September 11(12th) and November 7 (11th)

    ● Passion Impact (VEP and PI Club)-starts Sept 20

    ● IRCO Culturally Specific Groups (African, PI, and Asian students)-TBA

    ● SUN Workshops (Ie. Ceramics, CPR Certification, Food Handlers Card, etc)- monthly dates to be announced

    Click below for the 2019-20 SUN registration Forms:


    SUN Registration Form (English)

    SUN Registration Form (Spanish)

    SUN Registration Form (Vietnamese)


    All students must complete this form each year before attending SUN programming. 










    updated 08/17/2022