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  • AP Testing

    The online registration site for AP Testing is available and will be open Monday, December 10 for students to begin registering for their AP exams.  Please go to and follow the steps.  The registration window is open from December 10th through February 15th. Students/families can get on now to read guidelines and other useful information prior to registration opening. Please note that the translation on the  registration site will be available by the winter break.


    Additionally, the PPS district page has information about the AP program and AP testing available here:


    Alice Headley, in the Counseling Office, is the point person on AP Testing.  Please contact her at if you need assistance or have questions.

  • Winter Dance Showcase

    Winter Showcase
     Benefit for Arts Alive

    January 11th 7 pm

    Franklin Performing Arts Center

    $5 pre-paid available with the Franklin Bookkeeper and $6 at the door 

    Dance at Franklin warmly welcomes you to the Winter Dance Showcase to see demonstrations of dance technique and previews of work in progress. This performance is the principal fundraiser for Arts Alive! Costumes, sets, and visiting dance artists take funding beyond our budget but give students the benefit of a more professional arts experience. If you’re able, please consider donating. Thank you and enjoy! 
  • PPS Partners with Multnomah County Student Health Centers

    PPS partners with Multnomah County Student Health Centers (SHCs) to keep students healthy and focused on school. There are 10 SHCs throughout Multnomah County. The SHC is like having a doctor's office in your school. The center serves K-12 students and does not have any out of pocket costs for the student or family. Let your families know how to access this amazing resource.


    HS English version: 

    HS Spanish version:




    Franklin Community:

    As we enter the final week of school prior to Winter Break, I ask that we all embrace the idea of “Finishing STRONG”.  Our students, staff, partners, and families have expended a great deal of energy into starting this school year off right, and I am proud and truly grateful. Undoubtedly these efforts have paid off; and a break is well deserved. However, with the end of the calendar year being in sight, I ask that we stay true to our values and dismiss for break on a high note.


    In doing so let us be mindful of ways we can live our Franklin STRONG school wide values during this final week. 

    At Franklin we Strive to be:

    Thoughtful – We are considerate of all persons in our school community.  We recognize that the holiday season encompasses more than what “mainstream” society typically portrays. Let us recognize the rich heritages and cultures within our school by being respectful of ALL. As a student shared “Franklin is a truly diverse and inclusive school that respects the race, ability, sexual orientation, gender, and class of all students and staff.” Let us remember that some symbols, messages, and even greetings this time of year are not shared by all and may be considered offensive.

    We honor the diversity within our school community

    Respectful – This final week of school can be difficult for many individuals. The natural stress associated with this time of year can impact us physically, mentally and emotionally.  As we look to part ways for a few weeks lets be sure to support one another while we are still together. A smile, an encouraging word, or a kind gesture might be all someone needs to help get them through the day.

    “We interact positively and empathetically”

    Organized – Although this is the last week of school, school still is in session. We are asking that students, staff, and parents continue to demonstrate the skills and behaviors that lead to academic achievement. Making sure our students get up in the morning, arrive on time, stay focused and complete assignments coupled with teachers creating a safe and welcoming classroom, writing an engaging lesson, and building academic plans for students over the break if necessary, are actions that will yield academic success for our students.

    “We are present and on-time to class”

    Neighborly – One of the best gifts to share this week is the gift of ourselves.  Whatever time or resources that we may have could be shared for the benefit of someone else.  A simple check in, picking up litter, positively redirecting a friend or colleague, participating in tutorial, or attending an athletic event are a few of the many ways we can  support one another.

    We help when we see a need”

    Generous – We recognize that the Franklin Neighborhood is a shared space.  We should appreciate and respect the citizens and businesses of this community who support our school by attending our events and contributing to our fundraisers by: respecting their property, driving at safe speeds, obeying traffic and parking signs, not participating in unsafe or unlawful behaviors on private property such as loitering, marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol use, vandalizing property, or using vulgar and/or offensive language in the parks, around children, or other public areas. 

    “We are socially aware of our school community and neighborhood”


    Please be sure to have a conversation with your child on ways to finish Franklin STRONG.


    Updates and Reminders 

    November 30th Incident Investigation

    There has been no new information shared with me from the Portland Police Bureau since my last communication on Monday, December 3rd.  If you or your student has any information regarding this event please contact the Portland Police Tip Hotline at (503) 823- 4357.


    This week I’ve truly appreciated the conversations I’ve had with various families, students, staff, and neighbors regarding how we can work together to create a safer environment within our school and neighborhood. Remember the well-being of our community is a shared responsibility


    Ways for students and families to help:

    • “If you see something or hear something, say something” – Please reach out to an administrator or trusted staff member with information regarding any suspicious or unlawful events or actions pertaining to our students, school, or neighborhood.


    • com – Please use the SafeOregon website to report tips. 

    Call or text: (844) 472-3367     Email:


    • Perimeter Doors – Please do not prop open any locked perimeter doors or open any doors for individuals who are not staff or students.


    • Stay in class – Please don’t skip class or take unnecessary or extended breaks during class periods. Increased hallway traffic and students cutting classes impedes our Campus Security Agent’s ability to focus on securing our perimeter and monitor zones within our building. 


    • Follow Safety Procedures – Please follow all district and building safety protocols and procedures.


    Nutrition Services New Account Balance Notification

    Starting the week of January 14, 2019, the Nutrition Services department will be utilizing School Messenger to notify families by phone and email about student meal account balances.  Kitchen staff will continue to provide personal phone call reminders and/or paper letters home.  If you have questions about student meal accounts or other information, please visit PPS Nutrition Services webpage or call 503-916-3399.


    Franklin STRONG, 

    Chris Frazier


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  • Senior Photo and Quotes


    Photos need to be at least 2.5 inch x 2.5 inches.

  • Graduation Planning

    SENIORS – You have one more chance! Jostens will come one last time to personally take graduation orders. They will be here on Wednesday, December 12th, during lunch in the Auditorium Lobby. If you miss this visit, orders can be placed online.
    If we can help in anyway please call us toll-free at 1-800-JOSTENS (567-8367).
  • 2019 Commencement


    Graduation CeremonyGraduation
    Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
     Tuesday, June 4th at 5:30pm
    Mandatory Rehearsal is at Noon

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