• Excused Absences

    Students who are absent from Franklin High School must comply with the following in order to be able to excuse an absence:

    Criteria for Excused Absences from School – Only absences for student sickness, appointments, religious holidays, or death in a family are considered excused.

    If an email or phone call is not possible, in order to excuse an absence, parents/guardians must explain their student absence in a signed letter/note or by a telephone call within three (3) days of the absence.

    Procedures for Reporting a Student’s Absence 

    An email or phone call, if not possible at the time, A note signed by a parent or guardian is usually required for any tardiness or absence. A note should have the following information: 

    • Date
    • Student Name and Last Name
    • Student ID number
    • Reason for the absence
    • Date of absence (s)
    • Parent Signature
    • Parent phone number 

    Students who are 18 may not excuse themselves from school or specific class periods. To excuse any student absences, the district requires notification from the parent/guardian regardless of student age. The ONLY exception to this rule is if a student has been legally emancipated from their parents and provides proof of such court action.