• Students are required to stay at home if they have a quarantined illness or condition. Before returning to school after such an illness or condition, a student should obtain a doctor’s permission to do so, or be checked by a school nurse. Reference: 4.10.012-AD

    If a student has had an illness of a communicable nature (flu, chicken pox, measles, hepatitis A, scarlet fever, pink eye, impetigo, lice, boils, etc.), s/he must remain at home until well and present a doctor’s authorization to return to school. Assistance for low-income families is available from the Multnomah County access clinics. For information on diagnosis of communicable diseases or permits for returning to school, call Multnomah Education Service District Health Department.


    Please Note:

    - PPS is still enforcing a 5-day isolation for Covid-19 positive cases, regardless of vaccination and symptom status. 

    - Multnomah County Health Dept. does not allow a Negative test result for early return.