Intro to Sustainable Agriculture

  • Potato plants and weeding Intro to Sustainable Agriculture is one of two classes in the program. This class should be taken first, before Urban Farming. The class is focused on learning essential gardening and urban farming methods that do not harm the soil, air, or water, even over many generations. Students will plan, plant, compost, save seeds, use garden tools/ equipment and learn a variety of growing techniques in the school garden. In addition, investigate factors that affect plant health, growth, and reproduction by designing and conducting simple experiments in the garden. Students use knowledge and experience in this class to think critically about how our current food system operates, and develop real solutions to help change social and environmental problems. Students receive six college credits in ‘Urban Agriculture Practicum’ at Clackamas Community College for completing one year of Intro to Sustainable Agriculture.  

    It is recommended but not required that students take Intro to Sustainable Agriculture first, before Urban Farming. Intro to Sustainable Agriculture is recommended for 10th and 11th graders. Prerequisite: Biology 

    Students Loosening Soil

    Watering Plants