Urban Farming

  • New Roots Farmers Market

    Through hands-on experience in the school garden and greenhouse, students in Urban Farming utilize sexual and asexual methods to grow plants. For example, students will plant seeds under lights and let them reproduce sexually, or use cuttings from plants to asexually reproduce (or propagate) them. Use a grafting knife to join two plant parts together so they will grow as one. Develop and operate McDaniel’s student-run Farmer’s Market and/or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business. Products sold will include vegetables; edible and medicinal plants, seeds, and value-added products like jam, pickles, salsa, pesto, and tomato sauce. Other components will involve field trips, paid and unpaid internships, cooking, networking, and fundraising. Receive four college credits in Propagation of Edible Plants from Clackamas Community College for completing one year of Urban Farming.      

    It is recommended but not required that students take Urban Farming after Intro to Sustainable Agriculture. Urban Farming is recommended for 11thth and 12th graders. Prerequisite: Biology