What is CTE

  • Career and Technical Education is an educational program for high school and community college students based on industry needs. CTE includes coursework in areas such as business, health care, law enforcement, manufacturing, natural resources and agriculture. CTE prepares and supports students in acquiring the technical skills and academic knowledge needed for success in college and career. CTE equips students with certifications, technical and problem solving skills, and the ability to succeed in the modern workplace.

    CTE is good for schools, students, and parents because the hands-on, relevant, and engaging learning experiences are incredibly motivating:  

    -   Motivated students choose to be in school

    -   Motivated students choose to participate

    -   Motivated students choose to learn 

    CTE increases the student’s marketable skills and thus their ability to compete for jobs. Their educational experience is practical and affordable. CTE is the shortest path to a student’s first dollar.

    Career and Technical Education an unrelenting commitment to: 

    -     Continually improve the relevance and value of a student’s educational experience; 

    -     Prepare students for success in both career and college, by employing the Oregon Skill Sets and the Common Career Technical Core to ensure contextual learning and academic standards that reflect the goals and interests of all learners;

    -     Provide Oregon business and industry with a highly skilled, sustainable workforce; 

    -     Provide dynamic, innovative leadership for the nation’s educational system; and 

    -     Serve as a strategic partner with secondary and postsecondary educators, along with business and industry, in order to strengthen Oregon’s competitive position in the global economy.

    Five Core Principles of Career and Technical Education

    1.   CTE is critical to ensuring that the United States leads in global competitiveness. 

    2.    CTE actively partners with employers to design and provide high-quality, dynamic programs. 

    3.    CTE prepares students to succeed in further education and careers. 

    4.    CTE is delivered through comprehensive programs of study aligned to the National Career Clusters Framework.    

    5.    CTE is a results driven system that demonstrates a positive return on investment.

    Source: Oregon Department of Education Community Colleges Workforce Development. May, 2014.