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Hensley, Emily

Email: ehensley@pps.net

Phone: 503-916-5200

English Department

Link to web page or blog: We use google classroom for our class website. You will see posted assignments, their due dates and additional resources for our class there. Please contact me via email so I can send your parent invitation or student code to connect to our class online. 

Teaching Schedule A Day
Period                                                                      Class
1                                                                     Academic Center
2                                                                     English 3
3                                                                     English 3
4                                                                     Prep

Teaching Schedule B Day
Period                                                                       Class
5                                                                      IB 5-6 SL
6                                                                      Advanced Mass Communications
7                                                                      Planning
8                                                                      IB 5-6 SL

Grading and Late Work Policy

 I do not believe in giving students a zero when work is missing or when certain types of assignments come in late because I think zeros do much harm both a student’s gpa, chance to rebound, and self esteem. Instead, I give half credit, which is obviously still an F, but much less damaging than a zero. 

For many summative writing assessments I will not penalize it for being late (up to two weeks) because what I am really looking for are the skills demonstrated. For assignments that are specifically a part of the writing process for a larger piece (like the outlines and rough drafts of an essay) I do not give additional credit for late work because what I am assessing are students engaging in the writing and editing process (state standards focuses on). When a draft isn’t done, that means they can’t engage in the class work connected to that draft, typically peer edits and teacher conferences. Getting that work in after we have completed those parts of the writing process makes it no longer relevant to the task at hand. 

I do not give extra credit and most other English teachers do not either because we offer ample opportunities for students to demonstrate the skills necessary in class. I do however offer freshmen students the opportunity to revise and resubmit one final piece of writing for the semester for up to 100 percent because I believe they typically grow their skills and don’t want a piece from early in the term negatively impacting the level they are actually at by the end of the term.