• 8th Grade Forecasting Presentation 2020-21 (Currently PPS)


    8th Grade Forecasting Presentation 2020-21 (New to PPS)


    Lincoln HS Course Guide 2020-21


    8th Grade Forecasting Google Survey 

    Step 1: Complete Google Survey

    Step 2: Look for email from rmccormick@pps.net

    Step 3: Print the attached pdf confirmation of "2020-2021 Freshman Forecasting Sheet"

    Step 4: Sign and Return pdf confirmation as follows:



    All PPS Middle School students:

    Please return to your school's main office and they will interoffice mail it to Lincoln HS. 


    Non-PPS School students:

    Please complete your PPS registration forms and forecasting sheet, then return with all documents (in person) to: Lincoln HS, 1600 SW Salmon St, Room 104.


    8th Grade Paper Forecasting Form 

    (Please do not print & return this form. This is for viewing only. Please use the Google Survey and print & return that pdf Form instead. Thank you.)