Degrees and Certifications:

Chau Phan Mende

Ms. Phan grew up in Portland, continued her studies at Bryn Mawr College completing a BA in chemistry and concentration in biochemistry. As soon as college ended, she returned home to the Pacific Northwest and her family. Post college was filled with additional science and art courses at PSU and PCC, research work at a molecular biology biotech company, and soaking outdoor time rock climbing and mountaineering. As a lifelong learner, she later returned to study interior architecture at U of O. 

When her career path took a slight bend, a shift in purpose involved mothering, school projects, and life experiences that connected systems of households/communities to environmental issues. These years fueled a desire for social action, and starting in 2015, she began work in her children's elementary and middle schools to reduce lunchroom waste and focus on school-wide waste management systems. This direction led her to become a certified Master Recycler and carve an unconventional path to becoming a certified science teacher. In May 2020, she graduated from the Pacific University STEM/ESOL MAT education and training program.

She is looking forward to teaching physics, building connections with all her students, repackaging science learning as a social enterprise that is accessible to all, and supporting students to discover themselves and their connection with the nature of science. She is excited to prepare students to become global citizens engaged as conscientious and aware individuals with strong communication and scientific literacy. Furthermore, she hopes to instill the love of learning and becoming a steward of Earth, protecting human rights and all things living.

Ms. Phan lives with her three children and husband in SW Portland. She loves cooking, running, good reads, and the company of family and friends.