• Maia Learning at LHS

    What is Maia Learning? Maia Learning is PPS's college and career planning resource for PPS high school students. Note, students DO NOT apply to colleges or universities on Maia Learning, but it is an important tool they must use in the college application process. Students can use Maia for the following important steps in the college application process:


    • Research colleges using a filtered search or by looking up individual schools

    • Know college application deadlines

    • Learn whether teacher and counselor letters of recommendation are required

    • View Lincoln’s upcoming college admissions representative visits

    • Request teacher letters of recommendation

    • Share college list with school counselors so they know where to send transcripts


    How do I log into Maia Learning? All PPS students automatically have a Maia Learning Account. Go to maialearning.com, click Log In, then click Sign in with Google. Use your PPS email to sign in.


    Use the following documents to better understand Maia Learning and how to use it in the College Application Process.


    Important Note - to complete your Transcript Request and to request a Counselor Letter of Rec, you must also complete the steps outlined on the LHS Counseling website: https://lhspdxcounseling.weebly.com/transcript-and-counselor-letter-of-rec-requests.html 


Maia Learning: The LHS College Process Guide