• See full list of College Rep Visits to Lincoln here: https://bit.ly/LHSCollegeRepVisits23-24

    College Admissions Counselors and Representatives visit Lincoln and talk to students throghout the entire school year! This is a great time for students of all grades to learn about their options, types of schools, and get to know colleges or universities they might not have heard of. It's also a perfect opportunity for juniors and seniors to get to know the reps from the colleges they want to apply to, and ask them specific questions about that school, how to strengthen their application, etc. 

    College Reps typically visit Lincoln during Flex, Lunch, or right after school and can be found at a table near the Main Entrance of the school. You can find a full list of upcoming visits on the Trivory calendar, on Maia Learning under the Events tab, or HERE.


    College Rep Visit Tips & FAQ:

    What can I expect from a college rep visit?
    Sometimes the college reps share a short presentation. Sometimes they just say a few words about their school and then open up to questions. Sometimes they ask you about your interests and focus the conversation around those interests. Overall, it’s very informal and the reps just want to make space for you to learn about their school.

    Do I need to prepare anything for the visit? 
    Nope! All you need to do is show up. If you have specific questions about the university or their application process, you can definitely bring those questions. But you can also just show up and say something like “Can you tell me about your school?” or “I’m very interested in traveling - can you tell me about your study abroad program?” or “I have no idea where to start in the college process - what do you suggest?” Don’t feel like you need to prepare something. 

    What if I’m late or need to leave early?
    That’s not a problem! You can think of these visits like drop-ins. The reps know you are busy, and it’s totally fine if you need to get there late or leave early. They’re just excited to see you and answer your questions. 

    Will this visit determine whether or not I get into the college?
    It won’t, so no need to feel worried about it! This is a great opportunity to ask about how you can make the strongest application possible for their school, but this is not an interview and won’t affect your admissions decision at any school.

    Other tips: Don’t feel nervous about talking to them! The reps want to talk to you and they aren’t judging you or keeping track of your visit. They genuinely just want to get to know you and tell you about their school.


    Also check out this Current College Opportunities resource from the LHS College Center Website: https://bit.ly/CurrentCollegeOpportunities! It has different upcoming college-related events, as well as useful resources and recordings from past events that can help answer your questions.