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    The Goose Hollow Neighborhood Association allots Lincoln High School students a limited number of parking permits each semester.  These permits are for SENIORS only due to the small number of permits available, and the high number of seniors who apply.  


    • These permits are for seniors who participate in PPS/LHS affiliated after school activities, who carpool, and/or who are otherwise unable to use public transportation to get to or from school.
    • Only one semester permit per student, per year, is allowed. 
    • Applicant information will be reviewed, then selected by lottery.  
    • Students must be in good standing to be considered. 
    • Permits are non-refundable after they’ve been assigned and paid for.


    There are a few steps to completing the application:

    1. Fill out the online application
    2. Print the application for yourself BEFORE you submit (highly recommend this so you have a copy of your answers)
    3. Submit the application
    4. If you need to correct or change something on your application, please do not submit a second one. Instead, email parent volunteer Michelle Posey at with your updates.

    Late applications or applications missing information will not be considered due to the large number of applicants and quick turnaround time to get permits assigned to students within the first week of school.  As soon as the committee meets to verify the information and run the lottery (mid-August), all applicants and parents will be notified of the results.  If awarded a permit, for either Fall or Spring, students will get detailed instructions on how to make their payment. NEW PAYMENT AND PERMIT PROCESS: Payments will be made online instead of by check. Also, permits will be assigned electronically – no more paper permits. You will receive more details about this if your name is selected in the lottery.

    Any questions, please contact Michelle Posey, parent volunteer on Goose Hollow Parking Permit Committee at The permits are not managed by Lincoln High School, so please direct all questions to the GH parking permit committee.

    The application can be found here:  Goose Hollow Parking 2022/2023




  • Fast Pass Check Out

    Want to skip the long lines at Senior Check Out? Then do Fast Pass Check Out!
    May 26, 27 & 31

    Step 1: Turn in your books to the bookroom and receive a cleared signature from Ms. Royal. You will not be able to complete the Fast Pass Check Out if you are still using any of your textbooks.
    Step 2: Clean out your locker and receive a cleared signature from Ms. Higgins, Mr. Caples or Mr. Brida
    Step 3: Receive a cleared signature from Ms. Fasold or Ms. Morasch in College/Career Center, clearing your PLR's
     Step 4: During LUNCH ONLY, bring your cleared form to the check out tables in the main hallway. Return any PPS Chromebooks and chargers at this time.
    Step 5: Pick up any cords and finalize graduation ticket numbers with  Ms. Leathers