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  • Goose Hollow Permit Applications

    The Goose Hollow Neighborhood Association allots Friends of Lincoln 30 parking permits each semester for students. COMPLETED APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 5:00 PM ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2017
    • These permits are for students who are otherwise unable to use public transportation to get to school; or who carpool and/or assist athletic teams or other programs with transportation to practices or games.
    • Because of the limited number of permits allotted, PRIORITY GOES TO SENIORS.
    • Juniors may apply but will only be considered if permits remain after all senior application reviews are finalized.
    • Only ONE permit per family or household is allowed per school year.
    • Applicant information will be reviewed and prioritized by a committee of parents and the Curriculum Vice President.
    • Permits will only be offered to students in good standing.
  • Transcripts

    Transcripts, including Semester 2 grades, will be available June 23rd.  
    Class of 2017 Seniors - Final Transcripts will automatically be sent to attending colleges and NCAA/NAIA on June 23rd. A hard copy will also be mailed home by June 28th. Oregon Promise Applicants - GPA verification will automatically be submitted before the deadline on July 10th.
    Current LHS students - A student may request their transcript by clicking the "Transcript Request" link in "Quick Links" on the home page of the LHS website. For security reasons, LHS students will need to make the request using their login credentials.  If you experience problems with the online request, please contact Charelle Pennington at or 503-916-5200 (option 0).  
    Former LHS students - Please contact PPS Records Management
  • New Student Enrollment/Registration

    Enrollment/Registration - New Students who have not enrolled yet with PPS and/or Lincoln:

    Counselors will be available to meet individually with students and families to schedule classes August 18th and 22nd. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please contact our registrar, Jennifer Herbst, beginning August 11th, at or 503-916-5200 ext. 75411. In the meantime, families can prepare for these meetings by completing the following:

     Step 1: Complete PPS/Lincoln HS enrollment/registration paperwork, reading instructions carefully, and enroll in person at Lincoln High School. The school office is open during the summer. If you wish to meet with a counselor, they will return to the Counseling Center on August 17th. Once enrolled, your child will receive a student I.D. number which is required to register for classes.

     Step 2: Please review our 2017-18 Course Guide and complete a Forecasting Sheet. Please note: For students grades 10-12, please plan to bring with you a current transcript from your previous high school to assist your counselor with appropriate course placement to meet graduation requirements.  You will need to bring both the completed Forecasting Sheet and prior school transcript to register for classes.

     Counselors (assigned by student last name):

    James McGee (A-Cn) –

    Shae Morris (Co-G) –

    Danielle Holloway (H-Ll) –

    Marquita Guzman (Lm-Nd) –

    Debra Sankovitz (Ne-Sk) –

    Sada Dewey (Sl-Z) –  (prior caseload of Chris Barrar) 

  • New Student/Freshman Orientation

    Lincoln's Cardinal Mentors will lead two orientations this summer before the first day of school. 
    Freshman Orientation
           August 28th     10-11am  
    New Student Orientation (this is for Sophomore, Junior and Senior transfer students) 
           August 28th  1-2pm 
    Our Cardinal Mentors are Juniors and Seniors who have volunteered to help make transition to Lincoln easier by guiding/mentoring new students during the first few months of school. If your child will benefit from an assigned mentor please fill out the application here.
  • Class Schedules

    Class Schedules - For current students 2017-18:

    Counselors will be out of the office beginning June 17th and will return on August 17th. Students will receive a hard copy of their final schedule (including class periods, teacher names, and room numbers) on the first day of school (Wednesday, August 30th).  Please be reminded, students will not be allowed to make any schedule changes.  The only exceptions will be: schedule does not meet graduation requirements, course completion over the summer, in the wrong course level, incomplete schedule, or revision due to off-campus learning. If you need to meet with a counselor for any other reason, please contact them beginning August 17th.

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