•  Timeless Resources

    Meet College Admissions Professionals at Lincoln

    During the fall, Lincoln welcomes hundreds of college admissions officers to campus. College information meetings are scheduled after school and during lunch in various first floor classrooms and the Counseling Center. All students are welcome to attend and seniors are strongly encouraged to meet the person who is likely to read their application. View the current list of colleges coming to LHS by logging in to your Naviance Student account: Naviance > Colleges > Research Colleges > College VisitsWhen you add colleges to your list of "colleges I'm thinking about" in Naviance, you will get an email alert should that college schedule a visit Lincoln.

    Oregon Career Information System (CIS)

    All Lincoln students have access to the Oregon Career Information System, a rich resource offering encyclopedic details about colleges, majors, scholarships and occupations. You can access free PSAT, SAT, AP and ACT test prep in CIS too! CIS helps our students create accurate and actionable career and education plans.

    CIS has well-researched details about every postsecondary program offered in Oregon. More than 150 topics of information, from admission requirements and costs to services for students with disabilities, are provided for each postsecondary school in Oregon. Similar information is included about national two-year, four-year, and graduate institutions.

    Scholarship seekers appreciate the scholarship and  financial aid database in CIS which lists national, state, and local awards, as well as the Financial Aid Sort tool which allows you to filter through more than 3000 scholarships based on your personal characteristics and interests. 

    • Learn about You: OregonCIS > Exploration tab > Find Career Assessments
    • Look for Scholarships: OregonCIS > Education tab > Financial Aid Sort
    • Find Your College Fit: OregonCIS > Education tab > School Sort
    • Investigate possible Careers: OregonCIS > Occupations tab > Occupations
    • Research Majors: OregonCIS > Education tab > Program of Study & Training
    • Prepare for College Entrance Exams: OregonCIS > My Portfolio tab > Learning Express practice tests

    Logging In

    Typically, students set up their username and password during 9th grade in an AVID, College & Career Exploration or Leadership class. Use the
    "forgot your username or password?" tool to recover your login information if you forget. First time users may contact the Career Coordinator in the Career Center or Counseling Center volunteers for the log in directions for Lincoln students. 




    Senior Year

    In twelfth grade, Lincoln students develop a list of "colleges I'm applying to" in Naviance's College tab. This list populates with deadlines and helps counselors, students and families stay organized through the application process. We use Naviance to securely send student application-related forms electronically to colleges and universities. This includes an initial transcript, a mid-year transcript with senior grades, letters of recommendation, Secondary School Reports from counselors, as well as one final transcript to the school you choose to attend. 

    Many four-year colleges require a letter of recommendation or a Secondary School Report from  your counselor. To help counselors prepare a strong letter of recommendation, seniors complete an online survey in Naviance. Find it in about me > surveys to take > Information for Counselor Recommendation. Counselors will also ask for a resume or list of school and community activities. This should be a word-processed document, not the Naviance resume, so you can use your list or resume for scholarship or college applications too. 

    All Grades

    Younger students use Naviance for college and career research too. Find college admissions statistics, including anonymous scattergrams showing admissions decsions for previous applicants from LHS and college contact information in the Colleges tab. This is where you will find a list of colleges visiting LHS too. Short career videos from Road Trip Nation can be found in the Careers tab. Check the About Me tab for surveys from your counselors, as well as your GPA and test scores. Tip: Add schools to the "colleges I'm thinking about" list in the Colleges tab at anytime. Should those colleges come to LHS, Naviance will send you an email alert!

    Logging In

    Most students activate their account in a freshman class like College & Career Exploration, Leadership or AVID and get to practice using Naviance information for a class assignment about colleges and occupations.  Visit the Counseling Center for your personal Naviance activation code. Once you activate your account, your real email address (not @apps4pps.net) will be your user name and you get to make up your own password. There is a "forgot password?" tool which will allow you to reset the password. See your counselor or the counseling secretary if you have any difficulty with your account.