Credit Recovery Options


    Online and Off Campus Learning & Credit Recovery:


    Students looking to take classes online must meet with their counselor prior to enrolling in any online classes. There is a process for transfer credit approval which students must follow in order to have an online course approved to count for high school credit.

    The Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of School Performance determine the type of high school credit that a student can apply toward graduation requirements from having completed a course offered by another institution. In an effort to better align credit requirements across the district, the process for transfer credits has changed and will affect the following students:

    All students graduating in 2019 and later.

    Students who want to apply courses taken at a college, university, or other institution toward their high school requirements should follow the transfer credit application process before they enroll in a non-PPS course. To be considered for credit, academic courses completed at another institution must meet all of the following conditions:

    • it is completed at an accredited institution
    • it is substantially similar to the requirements for the equivalent HS course (i.e. the required standards have been met)
    • it is completed with a grade of C- or better
    • it does not duplicate, overlap, or regress previous work

    After the Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of School Performance has reviewed your petition, transfer credit approval notification will generally be emailed within four weeks.

    General Education Requirements. Only by pre-approval, students may request that a transfer course satisfy a HS graduation requirement. A syllabus must be included with the Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation in order to meet the requirements.


    1. Complete this form to request transfer credit evaluation/pre-approval and submit to your school counselor. If more than one institution is being evaluated, use a separate form for each.  Here is the link for the Transfer Credit Review request form. 
    2. Match your transfer course(s) with what you believe to be an equivalent HS credit requirement.
    3. Attach a course syllabus for every transfer course. The course syllabus (or other supplemental documentation) must include
      1. Information on the Program Accreditation
      2. Standards and topics taught
      3. Assignment and assessment information
      4. Materials and Text(s) used
      5. Instructional hours
    4. If the transfer credit application has been approved, enroll and participate in the approved course.
    5. Have an official transcript from each transfer institution mailed directly to your counselor by the transfer institution once you have completed your transfer work and grades have been posted.

    To view the letter from the Office of Teaching and Learning regarding this policy please follow this link.


    Students that need credit recovery must explore various options with their LHS counselor, prior to enrolling in any class, including the ones below:

    Virtual Scholars @ LHS

    Portland Evening & Summer Scholars @ Benson High School


    If you would like addtional information regarding transfer credits or credit recovery please contact your school counselor.