Lincoln Yearbook

  • LHS Yearbook 2020

    Lincoln High School offers Yearbook as a CTE (Career Technical Education) elective for students 10th-12th grades. The student-produced publication is released annually in late May. The price of the book includes a supplement which is designed to be inserted into the end of the book; the supplement is usually available for pick up in June. 

    Yearbook invites photo submissions from students, parents, and other members of the school community. Photographers own the photos they take; only submit photos that you have taken. Submit photo and your full name and contact info to

    Portraits (Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors): The picture used in the "people" section of the yearbook will be the photo ID picture you have taken during registration. These pictures are taken by LifeTouch. We cannot substitute your ID photo for another photo you like better. (Senior portrait info, see below.)

    For questions, please contact Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Alexa Marandas, at

    Adviser: Mary Rechner:

    Purchase your book online through


    $50 from August 2019 - November 1, 2019

    $55 from November 2, 2019- February 1, 2020

    $60 from February 2, 2020- February 21, 2020


    This year you WILL NOT be able to purchase a yearbook at the distribution party.

    Order your book ASAP! Last year we sold out!


    SENIOR ADS: Senior ads were due Dec. 1 and now closed.

    LATE SENIOR PORTRAITS: Late senior portraits will be accepted by until December 8, 2019 with a late fee of $10- bring cash or check to school bookkeeper Ms. Lambert in room 104 or pay on School Pay. Email late portraits by December 8, 2019 to (the Josten's portal is no longer available.)

    Senior Portraits: Senior year students get to submit a photo of themselves for the senior section of the yearbook.  All senior portraits are due by December 1, 2019 (we will be accepting LATE senior portraits through December 8, with a $10 fee. If you do not submit a photo by the deadline, your ID photo will be used.  These photos are often taken by professional photographers, but students may also use photos taken by friends or family. Lincoln has a great tradition of seniors being creative with their portraits; however, there are a few guidelines that must be followed:
    1. Your portrait must be a representation of you, not someone or something else.
    2. Your face must be showing (no masks, backs of heads, etc).
    3. You must be dressed in a way that conforms to the school dress code.
    4. Your portrait can not promote or condone drug use, gang activity, or violence.
    If you aren’t sure if your creative portrait idea conforms to these rules, make sure to have some backup photos.

    1. Photos may be in color or black & white, indoor or outdoor, formal or informal (see the above guidelines).
    2. Photos must be cropped the way they are intended to appear (minimal cropping may occur when pages are created).
    3. There are no head-size requirements.
    4. Images must be a vertical portrait layout.
    5. Image size: 3” high x 2.25” wide, resolution of 300 pixels/inch (900 pixels by 675 pixels).
    6. File format: JPEG.
    7. File Name: LastName_FirstName_senior. Example: Smith_Joe_senior.jpg (use your preferred first name)
    1. see above for how to submit late portraits by December 8, 2019
    • 125 characters maximum including attribution 
    • Each senior will be able to submit one quote, using this link: now unavailable, was due Dec. 1
    • Quotes need to be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE, i.e.
      • No references to drugs, alcohol, gangs, sexual innuendo, etc. 
      • No double meanings
      • No profanity 
      • No abbreviations or acronyms
      • Nothing not in compliance with school rules
      • Spellcheck your quote before submitting
      • Attribute your quote to source and be accurate about source 
    YEARBOOK STAFF RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO PUBLISH YOUR QUOTE if we don’t understand it or deem it inappropriate. We may have time to attempt to contact you for an alternate quote, but we cannot guarantee it.
    Senior Pages:  Information regarding pages featuring seniors will be available after Winter Break.