• Accelerated American Literature 3-4

    Homework, Late Work, Quiz Make-Ups and Revised Work Policies


    Most homework is a preparation for class so:

    You are eligible for full credit on homework that is ready at the beginning of class on the day it is due.

    Exception: You may turn in written work that is not to be revised or worked on in class by the end of the day it is due.

    Most homework is worth a maximum of 50% the next day. So, work that would be a 10/10 will be at best 5/10 if late.

    You have the same number of days to make up work as you have officially excused illness days.  I will go by Synergy which clearly shows excused absences. I treat unexcused absences the same as skips and will penalize late work due to unexcused absences as above.

    Quizzes:  You may only make these up for days with excused absences and must do so by the end of the first FLEX period after your excused absence.



    Writing Links: TISAS Outline:Tisas_outine

    Best site I know for writing support: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/

    That site's special high school writer/parent page: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/677/01/ 

    Great page for literary analysis: http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/EngPaper/