Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Bilingual Ed- University of New Mexico Albuquerque 1995 MA in Spanish with Thesis defense- PSU-2005 Yoga 200-hour teacher certification, Yoga Union 2018

Mrs. Saneun McHaley Foley (profe)

Pronouns: she/her


Phone: 503-916-5200

World Language: Spanish

Check Canvas for  Syllabus.  It is on the left side, the left side menu.

Lesson plans for each weekly in-person class can be found under announcements on Canvas. I am shooting for finishing 5 chapters, if not 6, of the new text books for both first and third year Spanish. This text book is called Senderos.  This online text is the closest blend I can imagine to a personalized Rosetta Stone-type digital live program and an in-person classroom.  Your student will be assigned hw that we sometimes do in class first in written format, and then they try solo at home and other times activities that they should be able to complete if they are keeping up with attendance and studying.  Please encourage your student to reach out should they need anything or not understand a lesson, if they are behind and they think I will be mad.  I won't be ... I promise. 

Late work: HW is programmed using the online system to subtract 1% for each day late.  I roundup significantly when entering hw grades.  It is never a bad idea to get caught up on individualized online activities that give your students many attempts, in most cases, to improve and give them feedback on how to produce the language more accurately. 

Tracking your student's progress: On Vista (the platform for the new text), you will have to ask your student for their password and login information and how to see that.  For canvas, you can follow your student.  I do not follow mine as it is very complicated when one has a work account as well.  I believe there are directions on PPS's site.  I will for sure send out notices only to families of students who are not engaged with the language at home.  I select who gets those emails. If you get one, your student is in need of intervention.  Contact me if your student does not seem to be communicating their needs with me.  It is good for them to try to solve their problems and work out a plan with me; however, sometimes parental persuasion comes in handy.  I totally get what you are all going through on a deep level.  I have a boy who is 13 and a girl, at Lincoln, 15.  Good times! 

About me: I am originally from Maine, though only for three years of my life did I live there.  My parents moved a lot.  I attended 12 schools before finishing high school in Juneau, Alaska.  I learned Spanish in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico as a Rotary Exchange student when I was 16 and 17 years old.  I have lived and spent long periods of time, as well, in Merida, Venezuela; San Gil, Colombia; and Cuba.  My kids are totally bilingual.  My pastimes are snowboarding, the gym, traveling, biking, family time, traveling and reading.  This will be my 26th year of teaching...I think ;) 

I became a teacher because teachers really made a big difference in my life.  Being the first in my family to graduate from high school and go to college, the teachers I had changed my life. Teachers noticed my situation as a child and really went the extra mile to educate me.  As far as my preparation for teaching, I have a MA in Spanish with an emphasis on literature and phonetics.  My undergrad was done at University of New Mexico where I did a 5 year teaching program in Bilingual Education. Currently, I just added my PE endorsement and this winter I plan to do my final teaching practicum at Lincoln and add Health.

Schedule for 2022-23:

Teaching Schedule B Day
Period                                                                   Class

1-4                                                         I do not teach on A days but sometimes Sub for other teachers and will let students know via webpage if I will be around for help.

Teaching Schedule A Day
Period                                                                   Class
5                                                            Spanish 1/2
6                                                            Spanish 5/6
7                                                            Planning
8                                                             Spanish 1/2