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    Considering Taking a Gap Year After You Graduate? Find Resources Here!

    Gap year programs offer opportunities for students to explore areas of interest as they plan for their postsecondary education and careers. They can be taken at any point in time and could last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a full year. They allow time for students to explore the greater community, nation, or world and reflect on personal values and goals and prepare for the next step in life. Many programs exist, so we have listed here some of the best sites to get you started on your exploration and research. 

  • The Gap Year Association

    Founded in 2012, the Gap Year Association is the only national nonprofit working to coordinate the growing Gap Year Movement. From this site, you can find links to all accredited Gap Year Programs; accreditation by the Gap Year Association represents a commitment to the highest standards in safety, quality, and integrity. 

    Carpe Diem Education

    Portland-based organization that partners with Portland State to offer Gap Year Programs abroad that includes hands-on learning and community engagement. Carpe Diem partners with Carpe Mundi, a local non-profit organization that provides low-income, first-generation Portland college students with a year-long mentorship and scholarship program that includes an experiential education study abroad program.

    GO Overseas

    Programs within nine different categories: Volunteer, Study, Teach, Internships, Gap Year, Language, High School, TEFL Courses, and Tours & Trips.
    Articles on every topic related to traveling overseas, by writers who are either currently at the destination or have been there before. Recommendations on when, where, and how to go overseas. They also have a link to the Gap Year Fairs throughout the country. Cleveland High School has typically been the host of one during the month of February. Also see their information about being a Nanny/Au Pair Abroad. One more useful resource for Nanny positions abroad is from GoAbroad.com--article and links

    Abroad 101

    This site offers study abroad program reviews, provides search tools to find experiences, and offers many blog articles about the study abroad process and how to make the most out of the opportunity.

    STEPS (Student Training & Education in Public Service)

    Ultimate Guide to Gap Year Volunteering, created a guide to get more people excited about gap year and summer volunteering Their guidebook includes information on the 10-best gap year volunteering programs (including summer programs); tips on how to make the most out of your gap year volunteer experience; and spotlights colleges that strongly support gap year volunteering through policies like gap year deferral.

    The Corps Network

    Corps are organizations that engage young adults in service addressing conservation and community needs. Through a defined term of service. Corps participants gain work experience and develop in-demand skills.

  • Americorps NCCC Program

    Serve as a Corps Member and get the ultimate personal and professional development experience. Undergo intensive training at the beginning of your service to prepare you for the adventure ahead, and take on leadership roles and specialized assignments along the way.


    A directory of over 13,000 experiences for high-school students to volunteer at home or abroad and take gap years.

    United Planet

    United planet focuses on volunteering abroad and has options for searching for short term, long term, and group experiences. Additionally, they have a specific COVID 19 page with virtual volunteer and internship options.

    Verto Education

    This program is actually not for Gap Year, but rather offer a unique way to start the first year of college. Student would participate in a global first year experience that partners with colleges so that students would still be on their way to graduating in four years.

    Good Article from the NY times: Gap Year Ideas for College Students in the Wake of COVID19

    Living City Project

    Spend a semester in New York City! Programs offer city-based experiences for students to creatively address urgent challenges and opportunities facing the city.

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