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  • Exploring Interests, Careers, and Eduational Programs on Your Own

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    Oregon Career Information System (OR CIS): Interested in exploring occupations BEFORE setting up a job shadow or applying for an internship? OR CIS has excellent exploration tools! Logging in:

    1. Go to https://oregoncis.uoregon.edu/Portal.aspx Log-in with your regular PPS log-in by clicking "SINGLE SIGN-ON" button in upper right. Choose PPS district, and input your full pps email address as the username---(back-up: Username: #1Cardinals; Password: onsalmonstreet!)
    2. From the Dashboard, consider creating your own portfolio to save your work. Click on "Create My Portfolio"
    3. Go to the "Career Plan" tab select "Assessments and Sorts Template," complete assessments starting with Interest Profiler, save your results to your portfolio.
    4. Learn about Education and Training and Occupations from the "Explore Resources" tab
      • When you click on "Learn about Occupations" you can see the occupational list, or go through the career clusters
      • When you select a specific occupation, you can learn about the skills, abilities, work activities, job outlook, related educational training (majors), related occupations and more!
      • See occupations you like? Save them to your portfolio to look at again later.



    MaiaLeaning for LHS College Application Materials, Exploration, and More!

    1. Go to https://www.maialearning.com/#/ Log-in using the Single Sign-on option using your regular PPS log-in information
    2. From your Dashboard, choose "Assessments" from the "Character" tab and start with the one called "Personality" 
    3. Explore Universities using the Filters provided, add any you are interested to "Considering List" or "Applying List"
    4. Explore Careers using the Career Search tab and save any that interest you to your "Career List"
    5. Other options: Complete topics under Portfolio and utilize MaiaDrive to upload files for college application process
    6. "Resources" utilize MaiaLearning Resources for many excellent information and exploration tools


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    Free Strengths Assessment

    Want to identify your strengths? Use the FREE High 5 Strengths assessment to identify your top 5 strengths. Answer 100 questions and get your results immediately. https://high5test.com/


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    Roadtrip Nation 

    An amazing resource of video informational interviews and specific career details from those interviewed.

    1. Go to www.roadtripnation.com 
    2. Under the "Career Exploration" tab, select "Interests"
    3. Click on one of the interest themes you want to learn more about
    4. Click on the name of the person to see a highlight video from an information interview conducted (the entire video is only available to "premium subscribers," which we aren't)
    5. Keep scrolling down from the video link to see the person's milestones in their career path, education, career details, and hurdles they identify.


    Oregon Apprenticeship and Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI)

    Check out the opportunities to participate in apprenticeship programs around the state of Oregon using one of these two sites