• Applying to become an AVID Tutor


    What do AVID Tutors do?

    AVID tutors assist the classroom teacher in organizing students into small groups, reviewing student work and leading small group tutorials.  The tutorial process uses a Socratic seminar style that focuses on asking students questions and allowing students to learn a consistent problem solving process.  The AVID class meets every other day on the rolling A/B chedule. Tutors are required to complete approximately 16 hours of training prior to and during the first months of school.  AVID tutors receive academic elective credit as well and a letter grade. Experience in the AVID program is a strong resume attribute, particularly in social services and education related careers.

    Application Qualifications

    AVID tutors should be excellent role models: motivated, organized, successful college/pre-college students who believe in the AVID students’ success.  They should be enrolled in college/university or be seniors who are highly successful in managing a rigorous pre-college curriculum. Tutors will work in a supportive manner with secondary students and must be effective communicators who can support the AVID students’ growth.  Tutors are both advocates for students and leaders who are able to collaborate effectively with the classroom teacher. As such, tutors must be willing to meet regularly to discuss student progress and to confer with the AVID elective teacher about future tutorial plans.  Typically, AVID tutors spend Friday lunches for much of quarter 1 in training.  Students must complete an application and interview prior to being placed in an AVID classroom


    AVID Student Tutor Application


    "I love being an AVID tutor because of the bonds you form with the students and other tutors.  I love being able to apply knowledge learned in other classes to help other students."...Macey

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