• AVID Binder Check-off Sheet

    Required Contents:  

    • 1  good quality 3-ring binders, 2” or 3" with pocket inserts
    • 6-8 colored tab subject dividers to separate classes, including AVID Elective  
    • Zipper pouch to store supplies  
    • 5 or more pens  
    • 5 or more pencils
    • 2 or more highlighters   
    • Notebook paper (Some notebook paper is now available in Cardinal note style.)
      Please purchase notebook paper with reinforced margins  
    • Agenda/daily planner/calendar  (one is distributed at LHS with our school calendar)

    Suggested Contents:

    • 1–2 zipper pouches (for supplies)
    • Graphing Calculator  (check with your math teacher)
    • Tips on note-taking and test-taking skills/tutorial guidelines/other AVID strategy sheet
    • Flex Log

    Binder Organization(Order of Materials):  

    • Zipper pouch with supplies  
    • Agenda/daily planner/calendar  
    • Divider for each class
    • Extra Papers
    • Divider Organization (Behind Each Divider):   Cornell notes  Handouts/worksheets/classwork  
    • Tests/quizzes  
    • Returned assignments

    Supplies for at Home:

    Three Hole Punch
    Backup pens/pencils
    Backup paper supplies