• What do AVID students say about the program?

    What do you like about being in the AVID program?

    • "I like how it is more of a family than a class. I’ve been together with the same students for the past 2 years and have gotten close to almost everyone. Everyone helps each other and is much easier to get work done and correctly when you have multiple minds together working on the same thing...The class has turned me from the most unorganized student into someone that has all their work in order and organized."...Alex

    • "My favorite part about AVID is AVID after hours because it helps out so much. Sometimes  I get too comfortable at home and I end up getting nothing done."...Nikk

    • "AVID to me is not just a class, it’s a place where I come and show what I know, and get helped with things which I am struggling with in my other classes. AVID is like a stress releaser for me and my peers. Another thing which I like about Avid, is that tutors are super helpful. They are there for you, and they do everything in their power to make sure you understand everything you need to."...Loy

    What is challenging about being in the AVID program?

    • "AVID makes you dig deeper into why you are struggling academically. It can be hard to admit that you procrastinate, not want to talk to teachers, etc; but in the end it helps you become a better student."...Pim
    • "Perhaps the most challenging thing about being in the AVID program in my opinion is being willing to get involved, speak up, and really having a good attitude and getting out of your comfort zone."...Lizbeth

    What would you tell a student who is considering applying to the program?

    • "You have to want help; if your parents are making you apply and you don’t wanna be a part of the program it will not work."...Jacob
    • "Be prepared to be the most organized you’ve ever been. Also know you will have a lot of over the shoulder help that may or may not be wanted at times, but it’s there for your convenience! Avid is a very fun program and you will always be looking forward to the class for you will have work time most of the periods and you will get a lot of assistance from tutors."...Alice