• What is the AVID tutorial?

    Tutorial Groups run weekly in each AVID Cohort.  Students work in groups of 7 with a tutor assigned to each group, except for seniors who often facilitate their own tutorials.  Students come to tutorial prepared with a question they have or an objective they hope to achieve: improving the thesis and organization of an English essay, solving a problem in math, learning to use the subjunctive tense correctly.  As part of the preparation, students aim to identify what parts of the task they understand and where they get "stuck."  The objective of tutorials is to facilitate academic growth by focusing on the resources students have, inquiry and collaboration.  Students in the group ask questions to move the presenter farther along in solving the problem/completing the task.

    Tutorial groups allow students to act as both presenters as well as teachers, depending on their role on any given day.  Tutorial groups are one of the many reasons that AVID students are required to keep organized binders with all class materials with them every day.  The tutorials form also allows students a time and place to reflect on the process and new learning as a means of synthesizing new information.


    AVID Tutorial Example

    Steps in the Tutorial Process

    LHS TRF Form Example


Freshman Tutorial Group