IB Exams

  • A sincere thank you to those of you who made it out to the digital IB exam evening on September 28th.


    For those of you who could not make it:

    • HERE is a link to a recording of the presentation and HERE is a link to the slide deck from the evening. The same information was covered in presentations for both seniors and juniors.
    • HERE Is a link to the IB Exam Registration Form, which will remain open through Oct. 22nd.
    • HERE is a link to the IB Exam Calendar
    • HERE is a link to Example IB Exams

    As a reminder, IB exam registration is now open and will remain open through October 22nd. (IB Diploma candidates will be registered for their tests automatically in their TOK classes next week.)


    All other students who would like to test can register for their exams using THIS LINK which is also on the homepage of the LHS website as well as on the IB page. 


    I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to work with the amazing students of LHS! Thank you for your continued engagement, understanding and support as we move through this year. If you ever have any questions or would like to set up a meeting please feel free to reach out via email or book a meeting using the link in the slide deck.




    Kim Bliss


    IB Coordinator + TOK Teacher 



    For reference, below is the information we provided in advance of the 2023 IB Exam session.


    Exam Rules & Tips


    Be on time. We cannot seat students for the exam after the session has begun. Report to the assigned testing location at 8:00 AM for a morning exam and 11:30 AM for afternoon exams.

    Bring your ID (school ID or driver’s license).

    No talking once you enter the testing room even before the exam has begun per IB rules.

    All students are released at the same time to ensure exam security and to respect each student’s full testing time. If you finish early, you must wait until everyone is released. You cannot be released for another activity. Please do not ask to leave early.

    No cell phones or electronic devices allowed on a person. All phones must be turned off and stowed in a backpack stored in the lobby area outside the testing room. If a phone or device is found on a person, that is a breach of IB regulations and must be reported to IB.

    No watches (smart or analog) on your person.

    No bags or backpacks allowed at a testing table. They can be stored in the lobby areas outside the testing rooms.

    No food in the exam room. Students may bring their own food to eat in the lobby areas of the building.

    No beverages besides water. Water is allowed ONLY in a clear, see through bottle and placed on the floor. One option is to rip off the label of a purchased water bottle.

    We will supply pens and pencils. However, if you prefer, you may bring ball point pens only. No gel or liquid ink. Blue or black ink only. You may also bring regular or mechanical pencils.

    No pencil cases. Any extra pens/pencils must be stored in a see through bag.

    Please be prepared for different temperatures and bring layers of clothing.

    There are no make-up exams. IB does not reschedule exams unless “there is a circumstance of extreme nature that threatens the safety of candidates and/or teachers (for example civil unrest, natural disaster).” If you miss the exam for any reason, you are not able to retake it and your score for that testing component will be a zero.

    If you are sick with Covid symptoms, please document your rapid test results and email kbliss@pps.net immediately with your concerns. If other medical issues arise that preclude you from attending the exam, you will need to provide medical documentation to petition for a medical exemption (IB will need to approve the exemption). Without documentation your score for that testing component will be a zero.

    Your calculators must be cleared on site prior to use on Science and Mathematics exams – this includes deleting any prohibited programs and stored notes/data. Please download any information you wish to keep prior to THE exam and store it externally. TI-83+ and TI-84+ and some TI-Nspire calculator models are approved for use, but certain models are prohibited. Please see this link for a full list of approved and prohibited models. If you need a calculator,  email the IB Coordinator at kbliss@pps.net by Friday, April 21st.

    We will clear student absences on testing days with the attendance office. Students will be cleared for the full day on the date of an exam.

    Exam results will be available online on July 6th. You will receive an email in May with your PIN code and instructions for how to look up your scores.

    Seniors- Please confirm the college or university that you plan to attend in Maia Learning. IB will send your scores to one college or university (one free of charge). Afterwards, you are responsible for having your own scores sent. IB will charge for this service.

    And finally …..

    • Get a good night sleep before your exam!

    • Listen attentively to the announcements and directions at the beginning of the session and read the exam instructions carefully.

    • You may raise your hand if you have a question, and proctors will come to you to answer any questions you have.

    • Pace yourself and know that students generally have enough time to complete their IB exams without feeling rushed.

    • If you have time at the end of the exam, review your answers.

    • We are rooting for you!!

    IB Exam Resources: