IB Courses

  • Below is an overivew of all of the IB Course offerings at Lincoln. Lincoln has the largest IB program in the state of Oregon. With such a large program, we are able to offer more than 30 different courses. With diverse IB classes like anthropology, film, computer science, psychology and more, there is an IB class for every student at Lincoln! You can read more about Lincoln's IB Courses in our online course guide. The course guide includes detailed course descriptions as well as information about prerequisites and credits. 

    Groups Courses
    Group 1
     IB Eng Literature HL
     IB Eng Literature SL
     IB English Lang & Lit SL
    Group 2
     IB Arabic
     IB French
     IB German
     IB Mandarin
     IB Spanish A Lang/Lit HL
     IB Spanish B HL
     IB Spanish B SL
    Group 3
     IB Business Mgmt SL/HL
     IB Geography SL
     IB Global Politics SL
     IB History HL
     IB History SL
     IB Philosophy HL
     IB Philosophy SL
     IB Psychology SL
     IB Social Anthropology SL
    Group 4
     IB Biology HL
     IB Biology SL
     IB Chemistry SL
     IB Computer Science SL
     IB Physics HL
    Group 5
     IB Math Analysis HL
     IB Math Analysis SL
     IB Math Applications SL
     IB Math Applications HL
    Group 6
     IB Film SL
     IB Visual Arts SL/HL
    IB Diploma Programme Required Courses
     IB Theory of Knowledge/Diploma Workshop - Juniors
     IB Theory of Knowledge/Diploma Workshop - Seniors