• IB Credit Policies

    IB credit acceptance policies vary by college or university.  Within the Oregon University System, IB students will earn subject credit on all SL and HL exams with scores of 4 and above.  Diploma students who earn 30+ points on the diploma may earn up to 45 credits and sophomore standing at OSU.  GPA requirements are waived for full diploma students for some scholarships at OSU and U of O.


    Oregon State Bill 160: Recognition of Scores of 4 for IB Exams Starting in 2021

    The Oregon Legislature recently passed Senate Bill 160, amending ORS 350.417, which changes the cut score for colleges and universities to award credit for IB exams.  Student that earn a "4" or higher, instead of the previous cut score of "5" will be awarded credit. 

    The bill goes into effect with the 2021-2022 academic year; however, it is important to know that students who assess in the 2019-2020 school year who earn a "4" in an IB subject will be eligible to earn university credit as long as they matriculate in the fall of 2021 (or later), primarily affecting current juniors.


    University Recognition of the IB Diploma

    Universities have established their individual policies towards recognition of the IB Diploma.  Recognition policies of US Universities are available in a searchable database HERE.

    Please note that these policies are under constant refinement by higher education. 

    Below are links to IB credit transfer policies at some of the more frequently applied to colleges and universities at Lincoln:

    George Washington University

    Montana State University

    New York University

    Northwestern University

    Occidental College

    Oregon State University

    Pomona College

    Portland State University

    Santa Clara University

    Tulane University University

    UC Santa Barbara


    University of Oregon

    University of Utah

    University of Washington


    Washington State University