Supporting Students of Color

  • Trust and belonging are keys to Mental Health and Wellness for Students of Color. Student Success and Health is committed to supporting and helping PPS staff, families, and students to help create an inclusive space for students to meet and talk about their struggles, positioning resources where students feel comfortable accessing them and connecting better with families and friends to whom students might initially turn when they’re having trouble. Students of color may be less aware of mental health services, less likely to be diagnosed, and less likely to be treated. That really brings into focus the institutional responsibility we all have. The concept of: “If I don’t believe you want me here, I’m not inclined to come in and use your services.” Therefore, Student Success and Health, Restorative Justice, Community Engagement, and the Racial Equity and Social Justice Department provide information. We will continue to offer technical assistance and consultation to schools, staff, students, and families. We are committed to ensuring the mental health and wellness of students of color are being addressed and supported.

  • Mental Health in Communities of Color

    Communities of color are no different than any other community in that everyone wants to live a healthy life: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The challenge for communities of color and healthcare providers alike is defining what a healthy community looks like through the prisms of stigma and historical adversity, which includes race-based exclusion from health, educational, social, and economic resources. It is only by working together collaboratively as fully engaged partners that we can overcome this challenge. The resource below is meant to provide a framework for you to work from while supporting students of color that are experiencing mental health challenges.

Mental Health in Communities of Color Resources

  • The Healthy Minds Study

  • Mental Health America

  • Why Mental Health Care is Stigmatized in Black Communities (Article)

  • Hispanic/Latinx Mental Health

  • Curriculum Resources From Teaching Tolerance

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