Substance Use Services

  • Substance Use Services DiagramThe Student Success & Health Department's Substance Use Services team provides consultation, counseling, and individualized supports to PPS students and families including:

    • Consultation with students, families, and staff that is informational or focused on helping students and families connect with substance use treatment.
    • Individual support with treatment readiness, counseling around decision making, psychoeducation on substances and the impact they are having.
    • Individualized supports for substance-related discipline.
    • Outreach and engagement of students when staff have concerns about potential substance use.
    • On-going support when students are returning to school after substance use treatment.
    • Support groups and educational events for students and families.

Accessing Substance Use Supports

Additional Information


    Monthly Healthy Choices Bulletin

    The Healthy Choices Bulletin is a monthly summary of substance use prevention resources for staff to use and share with students and families.

    Click here to view archived issues


Mary Krogh, LCSW, LSSW
District Coordinator of Drug & Alcohol Supports
Emma Sohriakoff, LCSW, CADC III
Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Marysol Jimenez, CADC II
Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Elijah Joshua aka Uncle E, CADC II
Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Substance Use Resources

  • Portland Public Schools offers a range of mental health and drug and alcohol supports for students.  Our focus is on education, prevention, and individualized services.

Request for Supports (Multiple Languages Available)

  • Student & Family Request for Substance Use Support Services

  • Staff request for substance use support services