Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP)

  • Each and every student, PK – 12, to meet or exceed standards in the areas of academic, career, personal/social, and community service. Professional school counselors, in partnership with teachers, students, parents, community members, and administrators, will ensure that each and every student becomes a life-long learner and a respectful citizen of a diverse, multicultural, international community.

    BLM Statement

    We believe School counselors are ethically obligated to advocate for the dismantling of policies, practices, and procedures that sustain institutional racism in our schools. The power structures that perpetuate white supremacy must be challenged to truly realize equity and justice in our schools. School counselors are in a position of both servitude and leadership--we must take the lead, using data to clearly show the gaps that exist between Black students and their peers. We must actively seek out injustice and institutional racism in our schools and school counseling programs while engaging in uncomfortable courageous conversations.  As the PPS COSA team, we are committed to engaging in this work side-by-side with school counselors and challenging the status quo that leaves many of our Black and Brown students behind. 

Weekly Counselor Connection Newsletter

  • School Counselor ConnectionSchool Counselor Connection is the best way to stay up to date on the latest news for School Counselors. Contact your COSA if you are not receiving these weekly communications.

  • K-12 School Counselor Manual


    PPS DocumentThis manual is meant to be a resource guide for school counselors and contains relevant information on the following topics:

    • School Counselor contacts
    • Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program
    • Completing High School
    • Education Options
    • Post Secondary Planning

    And more

    Note: This manual is best utilized in its electronic format. Some links will take you to websites and other links will take you to documents that can be printed.

For Additional Support, Contact:

Melissa Toren Hrin, M.A.
Katie Loewen
504 District Support/Middle School COSA
High School COSA
Marquita Guzman
Program Administrator