Everybody needs help from time to time. Below are resources for school staff and families seeking support for connecting students to mental health services in order to remove barriers to learning. Consider the following when responding to children/youth with behaviors of concern. See Concerning Behavior List.

  • If harm to self or others could happen immediately:

      • CALL 911
      • Provide supervision and safety until help arrives


      • Inform building administrator
      • Follow PPS School Emergency Response Plan
      • Contact student's parent/guardian
      • Consult with one or more of the following: building team (administrator, counselor, school psychologist/social worker) and optionally, law enforcement/mental health professional
      • Once situation is stabilized, consult with Student Support (503.916.5460) regarding next steps and/or Multnomah County Crisis Line Crisis Line Calling Tips (503.988.4888) 
      • Complete appropriate PPS screening tool.
      • Engage law enforcement/mental health professional/family in action planning
  • If a student is showing behaviors of concern that are impacting them academically, behaviorially, and/or socially:


      • Complete appropriate PPS screening tool
      • Contact Parent/guardian and discuss concerns
      • Notify and/or refer student to school intervention team (SIT)
      • Review Concerning Behavior List 
      • Consult with Student Support (503.916.5460) regarding next steps and/or Multnomah County Crisis Line (503.988.4888) Crisis Line Calling Tips

    Mental Health Screening Word fillable form | PDF fillable form
    Suicide Screening Word fillable form | PDF
    Threat Screening  Threat Screening Flow Chart | Student Threat Screening Form
    Student Services Record(s) On File
    Release of Information
    Safety Plan Instructions and Forms

    Child Find is required for Students who have Attempted Suicide or have been Recently Hospitalized for Psychiatric Treatment: Child Find (doc)


    Student Services is the office of record for the following student records:

    • Mental health/alcohol/drug screening tools
    • Alcohol and other drug evaluations
    • Mental health records that are not maintained as part of special education records
    • Suicide screening tools
    • Threat of violence or harm screening tools

    All of the above psychological, guidance and counseling records are retained per OAR 166-400-0060(25). The above records are retained electronically by Student Services until the student turns 21 years of age.

    Staff Procedures

    1.   Place Student Services Record(s) On File (pdf) form in the student cumulative file

    2.   Scan and email any of the record types listed above to studentservices@pps.net

    Label the document using the following title format: student ID, last name, first name, record type, school

    3.   The person who completed the screening (counselor, school psychologist, school social worker, administrator/designee) should keep the original document as part of the student’s working file. Working files are stored in a locked filing cabinet until the end of the school year or upon student transition to another school.

    4.   Contact Student Support at student services@pps.net or 503.916.5460 with questions or to discuss records on file. Upon request, Student Support staff will review records on file and share student information on a need to know basis.