PPS Behavioral Safety Assessment System (BSAS)

  • The PPS Behavioral Safety Assessment System is a series of tools and resources that assist school personnel in identifying and responding to situations that may pose a risk to safety. A Behavioral Safety Assessment, also known as a Threat Assessment, aims to identify situations that may pose a risk of violence, determine the seriousness of risk, and develop safety and supervision strategies to reduce the level of risk that is present. The violence prevention approach provides an alternative to exclusionary discipline through the creations of individualized, student-centered strategies that enhance safety by addressing the underlying factors that contribute to a potentially risky situation.


For Additional Support, Contact:

Joel Warnock
Behavioral Safety Assessment Coordinator
  • BSAS Process Checklist

    Step-by-step guidance to be used by Level 1 Team members. This resource lists all actions teams must consider from the moment they become aware of a potential threat to safety, through documentation of a Level 1 Behavioral Safety Assessment

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Information Gathering Resources

  • A Behavioral Safety Assessment is an examination of the relationship between an individual and a potential target, under a certain set of circumstances, at a specific moment in time. Gathering data to better understand the context and circumstances surrounding a potentially threatening situation can assist in making a distinction between a situation where a threat is made and a situation that poses a threat to safety.

    Level 1 Protocol Prompts

    This resource can be used as a reference during the information-gathering phase of the process and includes the 12 prompts within the assessment tool. 


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Sources of Information

  • Student Interview

  • Parent/Guardian Interview

  • Peer/Witness Interview

  • Teacher/Staff Questionnaire

  • Cumulative file review

  • Discipline records

  • Consultation with outside providers

  • Review history of involvement with other agencies

  • Social media activity

Documentation & Record Retention

  • Google Form ScreenshotPPS Behavioral Safety Assessment Form

    Click here to document an assessment/dismissal

    Use the PPS Behavioral Safety Assessment form to document steps taken throughout the assessment process.

    This online form is used to document both Level 0 Behavioral Safety Incident Dismissals and Level 1 Behavioral Safety Assessments. Once completed, documents are automatically submitted to the Student Success & Health Department.


  • Document IconStudent Success & Health Department Records

    Click here to access BSAS Records

    Completed Behavioral Safety Assessments are stored and shared with school-based assessment team members. Team members can access completed assessment documents in order to review and update previous assessments.

    Access is restricted to authorized assessment team members only.

    If you are unable to access records, contact PPS Behavioral Safety Assessment Coordinator, Joel Warnockjwarnock@pps.net, 503-348-3731 for more information.