Communicable Disease Response Protocol

  • MESD nurses consult with and function as a liaison between school personnel, county and state health divisions and local community medical providers in situations of reportable communicable disease. MESD nurses also assist PPS by investigating, reporting, contacting parent/guardians, and providing health counseling, referral, and follow-up activities (OAR 581-022-0705). More specifically, What happens if a student is confirmed with a communicable disease?

    • The Oregon Health Authority works with the child’s medical provider to confirm the illness.
    • Once confirmed, the Health authority determines the length of time a student must remain out of school
    • In addition, the Health Authority evaluates:
      • The risk for other children exposed to the ill child, including siblings
      • The risk for unvaccinated children and staff at the child’s school
    • The Health Authority advises PPS on what other children and staff, if any, must also be kept home from school and for how long. PPS works out a plan with families to maintain the child’s schooling if he or she is out of school for an extended period.
    • ODE/OHA Communicable Disease Exclusion Guidelines

COVID-19 Response Resources

  • Symptoms Tracker Tool (STT)

    The Symptoms Tracker Tool (STT) is a google form that was developed for each school's site by MESD (it is building specific) to track student and staff illnesses so that the building nurse can provide appropriate exclusion guidelines. The Staff and Student COVID-19 Information Form is also embedded with the STT and should be completed when staff & students report testing positive for COVID-19 or being in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. If you receive these reports, then please notify the building SHA, nurse, or program director.

    Communicable Disease Response Protocol

    The Communicable Disease Response Protocol provides a uniform response to communicable disease cases amongst students and staff. This tool is designed to outline critical steps for building administrators and supervisors in the process after an employee, onsite contractor, or student reports that they are a positive case of a communicable disease, or have had close contact exposure with a positive case. The district works in partnership with MESD and the local public health authority when there is a communicable disease case to follow recommendations relating to individual or cohort exclusion, school or site closures, communication, and cleaning protocols.

    Covid-19 Information Form

    Report a new positive COVID-19 case or exposure using the Staff & Student COVID-19 Information Form (SCIF) The form is to be completed by a direct supervisor, building administrator, or school nurse for individuals working, volunteering, or attending within the district, who report testing positive for COVID-19.