Communicable Disease Response

  • MESD nurses consult with and function as a liaison between school personnel, county and state health divisions and local community medical providers in situations of reportable communicable disease. MESD nurses also assist PPS by investigating, reporting, contacting parent/guardians, and providing health counseling, referral, and follow-up activities (OAR 581-022-0705). More specifically, what happens if a student has a confirmed communicable disease?

    • The local public health authority (MCHD) works with the child’s medical provider to confirm the illness.
    • Once confirmed, the MCHD determines the length of time a student must remain out of school and relays that information to the school. The school nurse or principal then communicates those dates to the family.
    • In addition, MCHD evaluates:
      • The risk for other children exposed to the ill child, including siblings
      • The risk for unvaccinated children and staff at the child’s school
    • MCHD advises PPS if other children and/or staff must also be kept home from school and for how long. PPS works out a plan with families to maintain the child’s schooling if he or she is out of school for an extended period.
    • ODE/OHA Communicable Disease Exclusion Guidelines

Communicable Disease Response

  • How is PPS working to prevent or mitigate communicable disease in schools?

  • What information do I need to report to my school?

  • How does the school make sure other students are protected?

  • What if my Student or School Employee is sick?

  • What if my Student or School Employee tests positive for COVID-19?