• School Emergency Response Plans (SERP)

    The School Emergency Response Plan addresses Portland Public Schools’ responsibilities in emergencies associated with natural disasters, human-caused emergencies, and technological incidents. It provides a framework for coordination of response and recovery efforts within the district in coordination with the City of Portland, Multnomah County, and the State of Oregon. The Plan establishes an emergency organization to direct and control operations at the school site during a period of emergency by assigning responsibilities to specific personnel.


    The purpose of the School Emergency Response Plan is to protect the safety and welfare of PPS students, employees, visitors, and volunteers, and to ensure the preservation of public property.


    The scope encompasses all PPS school sites and district facilities. It addresses a broad range of major emergencies. Such events include crimes committed on campus, hazardous material emergencies, weather emergencies, and fire. Also included are procedures for emergencies that may or may not require the full or partial activation of the School Emergency Team (SET).

    The objectives of the plan are to:  

    · Protect the safety and welfare of students, employees, visitors, and volunteers.

    · Provide for a safe and coordinated response to emergencies.

    · Protect the school's facilities and properties.

    · Enable the school to restore normal conditions in the shortest time possible.


  • SECUREHands in blue circle
    Secure the Perimeter
    Secure is activated when there is an unsafe
    situation outside the school building.
    Designated personnel are assigned to
    secure the exterior doors to the building.
    Return and remain inside the school building
    Business as usual inside the classroom
    Bring everyone indoors
    Ensure exterior doors are locked
    Increase situational awareness
    Take attendance
    Business as usual inside the classroom

    LOCKDOWNLock in red circle
    Locks, Lights, Out of Sight
    Lockdown is activated when there is a
    threat inside the school building. Creates a
    time barrier.
    Immediately move away from the threat
    Get to a safe area-classroom or away from the school
    Stay out of sight
    Maintain silence
    Immediately bring students into the classroom or safe
    location if able.
    Lock the classroom door and barricade.
    Cover interior windows, lights out
    Move away from sight
    Maintain silence
    Wait for First Responders to open the door
    Take attendance, account for students
    Think of your options and maintain
    situational awareness

    Team ResponseRed Cross
    Activate School Emergency
    Team response is activated when there is a
    medical emergency or some non threatening incident that
    requires staff to control move- ment inside the school.
    Immediately return to their classrooms
    Return to classrooms
    Take attendance, account for students
    Increased situational awareness
    Business as usual inside classroom

  • PPS School Emergency Response Plan
    PPS has a multi-hazard emergency response plan. The plan is based on six actions. Secure, Lockdown,Team Response, Evacuate, Duck-Cover-Hold On and Shelter-in Place.

  • EvacuatePeople in green circle
    Move students and staff from one
    location to another
    Leave stuff behind
    Form a single line
    Move quickly and safely to the directed location
    Grab roster, emergency forms and emergency supplies
    Close classroom door
    Lead students to the evacuation location
    Take attendance, account for students

    Duck, Cover, Hold OnEarthquake in yellow circle
    Get under a desk/table/ hard surface
    Stay away from windows and other
    objects that could fall
    Wait for evacuation instructions
    Get Under a desk, table or hard surface
    Stay away from windows and other objects that may fall
    Assess the damage, determine if it is safe to evacuate
    Grab attendance roster and emergency supplies
    Take roll, account for all students

    Shelter in PlacePerson under roof in orange circle
    Remain indoors: Air contaminate or
    threat requiring staff and community to
    remain in doors.
    Follow the instructions of staff
    Be ready to move
    Cancel outside activities Move students to
    interior rooms Seal windows doors if necessary
    Take attendance, account for students

    Remain in communication with staff and
    students during an emergency.
    Provide information and updates to parents as
    soon as its safe to do so
    Keep students informed and calm
    Relay information to first responders if able
    Communicate with administrators if possible