Suicide Prevention & Intervention

  • The Suicide Protocol is initiated when a student is exhibiting any of the following behaviors: gestures, talk of suicide (including those thoughts expressed in writing, art, or other forms), or suicide attempts. The purpose of the suicide protocol is to assess immediate risk and to inform a plan of action. To initiate the protocol, school staff will immediately notify the counselor or school psychologist AND administrator who form the decision-making team and who will initiate the Suicide Prevention Protocol.

  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention Process

    Suicide prevention planThe Suicide Prevention and Intervention Flowchart provides step-by-step guidance throughout the screening process. The resource includes prompts for emergency procedures, documentation, information sharing, and follow-up.



Information Gathering Resources

  • Suicide screening conversations should continue to occur if school staff have a concern about a threat of harm to self. Please continue to consult with your admin/school team when you have a concern. This is not the time to be making decisions alone.

    As with any sensitive conversation, please verify the student’s current location at the beginning of the contact in case emergency services are needed and include parents/guardians whenever possible.

Conversation Toolkits

  • Suicide Screening Conversation Toolkit (Short Version)

  • Suicide Screening Conversation Toolkit (Long Version)

PPS District-Wide Suicide Prevention Plan

For Additional Support, Contact:

Mila Rodriguez-Adair
QMHP on Special Assignment
Amy Ruona
Senior Manager


Adi's Act/SB 52 and PPS District Suicide Prevention Policy

  • PPS Suicide Prevention Policy

  • Adi's Act/SB

Suicide Prevention Planning

  • Individual School Suicide Prevention Prevention Plan Requirement

  • District Wide Suicide Prevention Plan


Emergency Resources

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • The Kaiser Crisis Line

  • The Multnomah County Crisis Line

  • Trevor Line for LGBTQIA+ youth

  • Urgent Walk-In Clinic

  • Youthline at Lines for Life

Suicide Prevention and Intervention Resources