Degrees and Certifications:

Thor Esbensen

Thor Esbensen has been teaching at Ida B.Wells for 20 of his 22 years teaching. Slowly climbing the ranks from track & field volunteer to becoming the coach at IBW. Being an extremely motivated coach, he guides the track and field team for many years. There’s a reason he’s stayed here so long, “The community at large has been super supportive of everything that we’ve done...” said Mr. Esbensen. Running has always been a part of Mr. E’s life, being a runner through high school and college. Growing up in Boulder, CO, he later moved to Nebraska for college, majoring in mathematics and running for their XC and track teams. Coach E’s claim to fame is his 6,105 day running streak. Running a minimum of four miles a day for over 16 years, still going strong.

Written by Tobias Ginsberg, Intro to Communications, Fall 2023