Degrees and Certifications:

Brittney Jenkins

Brittney Jenkins is a math teacher and has worked at Ida B. Wells High School for the past nine years. She enjoys the teachers, the school's community, and how competitive the soccer team is. Jenkins dislikes the lack of school spirit and hopes students will show more. Before teaching, Jenkins worked in banking and marketing, but didn’t enjoy it as much. Outside of school, Jenkins enjoys hanging out with her daughter, Brooklyn, playing soccer, going for family walks and playing video games. Jenkins wanted to be a math teacher because she had a great math teacher when she was in school and wanted to be a good teacher for others. Jenkins grew up in Renton, Washington, where most of her family lives. She went to three different colleges: Long Island University, Western Oregon, University and Circadia University. “Our community is really nice, students seem to always have fun every year,” said Jenkins.

Written by Maida Ali, Intro to Communications, Spring 2024