Degrees and Certifications:

Katie Sullivan

Katie Sullivan is the Phoneography, Printmaking and Draw Paint Print teacher here at Ida. B Wells High School. She is from New Jersey and came to Portland, Oregon in 1990 to go to college at Lewis and Clark and PSU, where she earned her fine arts degree and her teaching certificate. Before she started teaching at Wells she had several different jobs, including teaching in outdoor education with homeless youth, while making art on the side and teaching art at Reynolds High School. As of 2021, this is currently her first year at Ida B. Wells. Sullivan is very passionate about art and loves to see how passionate her students are too. She enjoys being in an environment where people can work collaboratively and seeing her students being helpful to each other and learning from each other. Sullivan is also very excited to get to know the students here at Ida B. Wells and likes getting song recommendations from students, as she has a passion for music too, after playing drums in a band. In her freetime, she spends time painting, drawing, hanging out with her friends, as well as spending time with her family going on bike rides, skating, skiing and surfing at the beach.  

Written by Maryam Luqman, Intro to Journalism, Fall 2021