Degrees and Certifications:

Izabella Pena

Izabella Pena is a new Career Technical Education teacher at Ida B. Wells. She taught in the Hillsboro School District before coming to Wells. She worked for the Intel corporation for 15 years in finance. Pena loves problem solving and being able to connect with high school students as a teacher. She attended PCC and got a business transfer degree, a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance at PSU, a master’s degree in business from the University of Portland and a master’s degree in teaching from Pacific University. She loves to play volleyball, read, travel and hike. Pena is originally from Hungary. She lives with her seven year old daughter and her husband. Family is very important to her and she is very close to her nephew, sister, brother in law and her parents. 

Written by Emma Allen, Intro to Journalism, Fall 2021