Degrees and Certifications:

Karin Korn Becerra

Karin Korn Beccera teaches Spanish. She was born on the Northern Chilean coast in a copper mine but grew up in Lima, Peru. She went to a Peruvian women's college where she studied Architecture, as a more practical alternative to Art. Aside from her native Spanish, Korn speaks German, French, and English. Korn started her work for PPS as a translator and interpreter and became a teacher through her love for linguistics and translation. Outside of school, Korn loves to cook, knit and mend her own clothes through sewing. "For me, cooking is an art," she says "It gives me such relaxation." Though it is for her to find the time nowadays, she's still very passionate about art, especially painting.

Written by Malia Malempati, Intro to Communications, Fall 2022