Site Council

  •  Our Mission Statement

    Do you want to be a part of the Wilson High School Site Council?

    Parents and community members are elected for two-year terms and will have an opportunity to shape the direction of the school in profound ways.  This work is vital to our continued growth and success as a team and a school. See the by-laws in the documents below which provides more information on the focus of the group. 

    2020-2021 WHS Site Council Members 

    Parent Representatives:

    Joshua Safran 

    Emily Etherington 

    Nikki Dorfman

    Alexandra Hagen

    Donelda Weiss

    Student Represntatives:

    Julia Boboc

    Emma Brady-Wright

    Selah Luna Monsef

    Deewa Rahim

    Jake Wilson-Goodwin

    Community Representative:

    Martin Osborne

    Certified Representatives:

    Andrew Butterfield

    Joe Minato

    Julieanne Quigley

    Brian Sahler

    Jeremy Shetler

    Classified Representative:

    Norma Hamilton

    Administration Representative:

    Filip Hristić, WHS Principal

    2020/2021 Meeting Schedule
    All meetings are from 3:30-5:00pm

    • September 30

    • November 4

    • November 18

    • December 16

    • January 27

    • February 24

    • March 17

    • April 28

    • May 26

    Site Council Facts & Documents

    Our Mission Statement

    At Wilson High School, our mission is to educate young people in every capacity—mind, body and spirit. We prepare students to succeed in their various roles in society: as workers who are responsible, innovative and ready to compete at a world-class level; as citizens who are both loyal to our community's democratic ideals and committed to the on- going work of forming a more perfect union in our heterogeneous society; and as adults who, in their private lives, balance the virtues of individualism, such as self-reliance, honesty, and personal initiative, with the cooperative ideals of justice, tolerance and compassion. In short, our goal is to foster in our students the core intellectual capacities and habits of the heart that will allow them to lead deeply engaged, productive and meaningful lives.