Degrees and Certifications:

Abby Griffin

Ms. Griffin is a language arts and leadership teacher at Ida B. Wells. She has been teaching for 6 years and makes it her goal to help students learn about English through self-expression. When she is not teaching, Griffin loves to hike, bake, and watch her go-to shows on TV: Ted Lasso, True Crime, and Lord of the Rings will always remain her favorites. Just like the rest of us, she also enjoys watching Tiktok. Ms. Griffin is also musically inclined, plays multiple instruments, and enjoys singing karaoke. Griffin also enjoys spending time with her husband and adorable toddler. Her two cats, Poe and Billie, have influenced her obsession with cute cat memes and cat Tiktoks. She loves them so much that she requests: if you find any cute cats please show her pictures.  Also, if you know any funny 90s jokes, please let her know.

Written by Carley King, Intro to Journalism, Fall 2021 and Eliana Nolfi, Intro to Communications, Fall 2022