Student Clubs

  • Students are encouraged to take a rigorous academic course load, balanced by extracurricular activities for a well-rounded high school experience. Whether it's sports, performance, or non-academic clubs, every student should be engaged outside of class in one or more activities that provide important community-building opportunities and engage the mind and body in other ways.

    Ida B Wells has a successful athletic program for both men and women and is a perennial power in the 6A division of the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL). Ida B Wells students participate in club lacrosse, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, chess, mock trial, model united nations, and many more extracurricular activities for all interests. Ida B Wells High School is alive with creative and passionate individuals and a sense of infinite possibilities.

    Ida B Wells's selection of student-run clubs changes every year. There are many clubs to choose from, representing a dizzying array of interests, from knitting to chess, hiking, or mock trial. Some clubs are serious, with either an intellectual or political focus (for example, the French club, Model United Nations, SAFER). Some are just for fun, whether it is Hybrid-ball or dragon boating. Whatever the focus, IBW's clubs add variety and fun to life in high school. Join a club, meet new friends!

    Students interested in forming a new club will need to complete application.The time to do so will be announced in the school newsletter. 


    Individual clubs provide a yearly application online, which may also include having a valid physical on file with athletics. Clubs follow the same grade requirements as IBW/PIL athletics.


    For more information, contact:
    Erica Caldwell Clubs Director
    Mike Nolan, Athletic Director

    Dragon Boat Team Asian American Youth Leadership Conference Robotics - loose screws

    Ida B. Wells High School Clubs 2021-2022 

    80's-90's Movie Fan Club A club where students watch movies and discuss the classics of the 80s and 90s Wednesdays - room 142B
    Friday - Lunch/after school 4:15 over Zoom
    Room 142B or Zoom Emilee Refvem Selah Monsef
    ADPI Student Union The Asian Desi Pacific Islander (ADPI) Student Union embraces diverse Asian and Pacific cultures while celebrating our shared heritage alongside friends and allies of all BIMPOC (Black, Indigenous, Multi-racial, Person of color) backgrounds who are open to learning more. Fridays at lunch Room 131 Alexa Bryant-Caplla President: Hui Hui Hutchinson
    LeaderShip Current: Anna Koontz, Sarah Woods
    Amateur Geographers Alliance   Wednesdays at lunch Room 127 Max Trezise Catherine Gaines
    Astronomy Club The purpose of the astronomy club at Ida B Wells is to provide a fun, exciting environment where students who are interested in the universe around us can educate themselves and others about things in which they are interested. 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. In-person meetings 3:30pm - 4:30pm Zoom meetings 7pm - 8pm Room 208 Joseph Minato Brinnan Smith (11th Grade, President)
    Liliana McClain (12th grade, President Emeritus)
    Bird Watching Club Students will watch birds and discuss the beauty that they see     Derek MacDicken      
    Black Student Union (BSU) The Black Student Union is a Black student-led club aiming to inspire, educate, and support Black students both as individuals and as a community. Fridays at lunch Room 118 Nabilah Mohammed Aslan Newson
    DECA DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Mondays after school   Ms. Peña Max Savage
    Lucy Carver
    DragonBoat Guardians Dragon Guardians is a diverse student-run team built to compete in the Rose Festival Dragon Boats races. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30-6pm 1500 S Harbor Way Portland, OR 97201 Andrew Butterfield Matthew Jatsura
    Grace Pendergras
    Dungeons and Dragons/Tabletop Game Club Students will make characters and immerse themselves in magical worlds where they can be and do anything that their imaginations can come up with Wednesdays after school Cafeteria Robert Morgan Aaron Thiers
    GSA Whether you’re just here to support or you’re looking for a safe place to express your gender and sexuality, we have a place for you. Thursdays at lunch Room 130 Joy Root Group led
    IBW Cup Stacking Club   Thursdays 3:30-4:3pm Room 143 TBD TBD Hayden Dennis
    Shay Gallagher
    IBWHS MakerSpace Club Students will create projects on the top of STEAM there will contests and time to work in teams or alone. Mondays after school Room 8 Caitlin Toohey Kaleb Rice
    Vi Sparks
    Ida B. Wells Ulitimate Frisbee Our main goal is to help people that haven’t played frisbee in the past to be able to learn about the sport and play at an efficient level. For previous players, our goal is to enhance their skills as players by diving in deeper to the game strategies and different throws. Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm Courtyard Nick Nohmer Nicholas Yin
    Boston Clark
    Asher Clark
    Indigenous People of the Turtle Island   TBD TBD Marcela Benitez-Lopez Elaine Chetya
    Citlalli Balli
    Investment Club Students will have fun collaborating and learning about the stock market by opening (free) paper accounts and trading stocks on a weekly basis, acquiring the necessary skills to build an effective portfolio.   Room 244 Josh Winicki Huck Knechtel
    Jewish Student Union (JSU) The Jewish Student Union's mission is to get more Jewish teens attending public high schools to do something Jewish. Fridays at lunch Room 117 Tim Loveless Evan Horwitz
    Daniel Kornblit
    Key Club Key Club is an international student-led volunteer organization that focuses on involving its members in their community through connecting students to all kinds of volunteering projects that support their schools, city, parks, and the well-being of their neighbors. In Key Club, students make friends, form a community, and improve what's around them! Thursdays at lunch   Chris Bartlo President: Deewa Rahim
    VP: Hannah Lo
    Secretary: Tupelo Wright
    Kpop Club A club where students discuss and listen to kpop. Mondays at 4:30pm   Emily O'Loughlin Rachel Bourne
    Sonya Sutherland
    LatinX Club       Winston Rivas      
    Math/Robotics   TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
    Mock Trial A place where people can pretend to be lawyers and take place in court Wednesday 6:30-8pm Room 107 Tim Loveless Chloe Johnson
    Hannah Worden
    Model United Nations In Model United Nations (MUN), students learn about a country’s position on a general topic (global security, global economics, health and human services, environment, or human rights) and are given specific problems facing the world in that topic. Wednesdays Room 224 Lisa Walker
    Tim Loveless
    Lucy Carver
    Deewa Rahim
    Noemie Veillette
    Mural Club A club where students can paint the school to make it beautiful. Thursdays 4:00pm-6:00pm   Britney Jenkins President: Logan Erickson
    Vice Presidents: Edith Macdonald, Ella Janssen
    Muslim Student Association The Muslim Student Association is a club for everyone to come and learn more about Islam, important issues, and have fun! Thursdays after school Room 118 Nabilah Mohammed Anisa Ali
    Nura Salah
    Semira Yosuf
    Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) Read books and compete against other teams to answer questions about the books. A couple times a year, depending on members schedule   Cassie Lanzas Jack Conway
    Grace Pendergrass
    Overwatch Club Students will play video games to their hearts content as a team to compete in the classic game of Overwatch TBD Room 143 TBD TBD Lola Wills
    Science Olympiad Students will compete in science challenges and   Room 132 Scott Guthrie      
    Ski Racing Team Ski Team at WHS is a ski race club for 9th-12th grade students who are classified as at least “intermediate" skiers who want to increase their skiing skills and collaborate with other WHS students who love skiing. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday nights, Saturday weight room Mt. Hood and weight room Erica Caldwell Sophia Meyers
    Zack Riccelli
    Snowboarding Club              
    Speech and Debate IBW Speech & Debate: Thousands of students are competing, making friends, earning college scholarships, meeting college faculty, seeing campuses, and winning trophies every week across America. Wednesdays and Thursdays after school Zoom Ben Hunter   Cara Weathers
    Preston Bushnell
    Noemie Veilette
    Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) SAFER is a club that is open to anyone and everyone. We focus on education and awareness of rape culture on Wilson's campus, as well as provide a safe space for allies, survivors, and others who want to discuss these issues. Tuesdays at lunch   Alyson Copacino Olivia Prime
    Sophia Meyers
    Julia Boboc
    Ashling Gregory
    Students Demand Action   Tuesdays at lunch Room 126 Marrla Wilkison Avery Dorfman
    Kaia Hunter
    Sula Dunwoody
    Tabletop Roleplaying Game Club A place where people play games like d&d and games where they can be anyone and do anything Wednesdays after school Cafeteria Robert Morgan Elanor Kimble
    Women Empowerment Society     Room 143 TBD TBD    
    Writing Club A workshop where students can write and edit poetry, short stories, or novels. There will be contests and awards for scholarships for winning text. Wednesday mornings Room 103 Jay Rishel Cate Latimer (President)
    Dory Black as (Vice President)
    Youth Ending Slavery (Y.E.S.) Youth ending slavery is all about giving rights to all and making sure we are always taking steps to end the despair of slavery Thursdays at lunch   Aaron Olson Emma Hayes



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