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Student Clubs

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    Students are encouraged to take a rigorous academic course load, balanced by extracurricular activities for a well-rounded high school experience. Whether it's sports, performance, or non-academic clubs, every student should be engaged outside of class in one or more activities that provide important community-building opportunities and engage the mind and body in other ways.

    Wilson has a successful athletic program for both men and women and is a perennial power in the 6A division of the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL). Wilson students participate in club lacrosse, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, chess, mock trial, model united nations, and many more extracurricular activities for all interests. Wilson High School is alive with creative and passionate individuals and a sense of infinite possibilities.

    For more information, contact:
    Morgan McFadden, Activities Director
    Mike Easton, Athletic Director
    Ayesha Freeman, Vice Principal


    Wilson's selection of student-run clubs changes every year. There are many clubs to choose from, representing a dizzying array of interests from knitting to chess, hiking, or mock trial. Some clubs are serious, with either an intellectual or political focus (for example, the French club, Model United Nations, Feminists' Union). Some are just for fun, whether it is Hybrid-ball or dragon boating. Whatever the focus, Wilson's clubs add variety and fun to life in high school. Join a club, meet new friends!

    All new and continuing clubs must fill out a club registration form for the current school year. Forms are available online, in the main office, or room #139. Turn in completed forms to Chris Urban in room #139 by September 14, 2016.  

    The Club Fair is held each fall during the school year. Students, find out more about this year's clubs at Wilson and find the right club for you!

    Contact Ms. Freeman or Ms. McFadden for more information

    Wilson Clubs 2016-17

    Abstinence Club
    Who are we? A group of Wilson students who abstain from sex. What do we want? We want to support students who want to abstain from sex. Sex, we believe, is inherently and objectively bad for relationships, families, and the environment. Some Wilson students have grown tired of having sex out of obligation to stay in touch with their friends and gain Snapchat likes. We'll host group discussions, have pro-abstinence film screenings, and, of course, never have sex.
    Advisor: Keith Higbee
    Tuesday & Wednesday A Days at lunch, room #137

    Animal Action
    Animal Action is a group that will act as a resource for students who wish for a place to support the rescue, care, and education of animals. We will have experiences such as field trips to tour local dairy farms, work days at shelters and farm sanctuaries, shelter dog-walking days, and we will hold fundraisers to support animal sanctuaries. We will also be promoting better ways of eating and learn about the production and consumption of meat.
    Advisors: Julieanne Quigley, Lisa Battan
    Tuesdays at lunch, room 236

    Anime Club
    Anime Gaming is a club for those who are interested in games and anime.  We play one episode of certain animes every club meeting and plan to start holding contests, parties, tournaments for gamers, etc.  We also plan to go to kumoricon as a group (optional after-school activity) for those who would like to be accompanied when they head over so they are not lonely.  We might also give a presentation later about how it was, tips, etc.  We are currently a small club that is in it's second year and who accept  all those who like the things that are listed in our flyers.  You are guaranteed to have a great time and make many friends!
    Advisors: Andre Danielson, Tom Blakely
    Thursdays at Tutor Time, room 206

    Asian Pacific Islander Student Union
    The Asian Pacific Islander Student Union embraces and celebrates Asian and Pacific Island culture with those who share common interests and/or ethnic backgrounds. Students can expect to socialize with other API students and teachers. We share and discuss ways to confront and even dismantle racial prejudice and stereotypes. We attend local conferences put on by local AAPI organizations and connect with other student groups in the Portland metro area. Club members have a desire to share Asian and Pacific Island culture with the Wilson community, listen to guest speakers, discuss current political and social issues, eat good food, take field trips to cultural sites, participate in community service projects, and develop leadership skills. ALL are welcome at APISU regardless of race, culture, or ethnicity.
    Advisor: Jamie Suehiro
    Fridays at lunch, room 129

    Astronomy Club
    The purpose of the astronomy club at Wilson is to provide a fun, exciting environment where students who are interested in the universe around us can educate themselves and others about things in which they are interested. The club will be geared towards people who are knowledgeable in the field of astronomy as well as students who have a yearning to learn more. At meetings, we will discuss space news, plan future activities, and invite guest speakers to spread their knowledge and expertise. It is a fun environment with many options for people with all sorts of backgrounds. Anyone interested in physics and the scientific aspect of astronomy can discuss topics with like-minded people, students interested in engineering can design and build their own telescopes, and artists and photographers can explore the beautiful world of astrophotography. We will host star parties every 2-4 weeks, and plan to visit the Rose City Astronomers, a great local group with many special-interest groups for the different facets of astonomy. Feel free to join us on Thursdays at lunch to learn more about this amazing science!
    Advisor: Joseph Minato
    Thursdays at lunch, room 238

    Battle of the Books
    Students who love to read and meet others sharing this passion. Read 12 books with your team and "battle" to continue on to state competition by answering questions about those books. Invite your friends to form a team and share your passion for reading.
    Advisor: Linda Campillo
    Days TBD at lunch (contact advisor), Library

    Bike Club
    In Bike Club we aim to get more students into biking. We will provide the mechanical knowledge needed to maintain and repair bikes. This club is open to all and no mechanical experience is needed. We will teach you! We will have occasional bike rides around the school to test our bikes. Save time and money by learning to work on your bike.
    Advisor: Josh Winicki
    Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm and some Tutor Times, rooms 7 & 19

    Black Student Union
    The Black Student Union aims to inspire, educate, and stimulate African-Americans both as individuals and as a community. We would like to improve race relations in the school and community by creating and maintaining an environment that is receptive to African-American culture and ideas and fostering open communication between and amongst students and staff. The BSU is open and welcoming to ALL students regardless of race or ethnicity.
    Advisors: Sarabeth Leitch, Garrett Norman
    Thursdays during Tutor Time, room 132

    Blue Lotus Multicultural Alliance
    Our club's purpose here at Wilson is to inspire, motivate, innovate and create great memories. We are here to build friendships and make new ones. Our club is multicultural and multilingual. We hope to create a club that includes the diversity of Wilson. We'd like to invite the clubs that focus on diversity to our first annual potluck where families and friends can get together. We hope to fundraise through the collective support of staff, students and outside resources available to us. We'll invite guest speakers to Wilson who represent the diversity in the general Portland area.
    Advisor: Bettina Berrera
    Wednesdays at lunch, room 108

    Clay Club (Ceramics)
    Clay Club allows current ceramics students studio time after school to improve their skills working with clay. Students in ceramics class who are interested are welcome to come in and work on their pieces. Ceramics Club is a helpful time outside of class to improve one's ceramics mastery. Students wishing to attend clay club must attend club meetings during the first tutor time of each month in the ceramics classroom.
    Advisors: Andrew Butterfield, Maddison Moorehouse
    Mondays and Tuesdays, 3:15-5:00pm, room 245 (Ceramics)

    Chess Club
    The Wilson Chess Club is a place for students to play and learn this classic game of strategy, methodical thinking, and long-range planning. We meet on Monday afternoons throughout the school year to play, learn from a professional instructor, and review games played the previous week. Our training builds towards participation in weekly competition against other Portland area teams throughout the fall and winter and ultimately focuses on the State High School Team Championship in late winter. In the last three years, Wilson has placed near the top of the Portland Area League Chess Team Competition. In 2014-15, Wilson took first place, besting public and private teams from throughout the Metro area. Everyone is welcome to come learn and play; we have students whose experience is limited to playing against family and friends on vacation and others who have been playing since kindergarten. Our goal is to have everyone improve and there is a place for all players on our teams.
    Advisor: Jeff Dobbins
    Mondays (mid September-April), 3:15-5:15pm, room 19

    Cloud Watchers
    This is a club for people who love clouds. This club will help you learn the names of different types of clouds as well as how to determine the wind speed by looking at clouds. Cloud-watching is a stress-releasing activity and is also a good place to catch up on homework. Our advisor is very helpful when it comes to homework.
    Advisor: Francisco Hernandez
    Thursdays during Tutor Time in the Cafeteria or at the picnic tables in upper field (depending on weather)

    Cookie Club
    This cookie club is for eating cookies and baking cookies. Homemade cookies only, no exceptions! The purpose of this cookie club is to enjoy the art of cookies. This cookie club offers cookies, cookie-eating, and cookie enjoyment to Cookie Club members. Students who enjoy cookies will be interested in the Cookie Club for sure. To join Cookie Club, you must be able to bring cookies so make sure to check in and sign up to bring cookies someday. Cookie Club meets on Mondays during lunch. Thanks and cookie on!
    Advisor: Alex Rabchuk
    Mondays at lunch, room 34

    Cooking Club
    The purpose of Cooking Club is to teach valuable life skills and provide a fun, safe environment for anyone who wants to join. Throughout the year we will be preparing a variety of foods, including dinner and dessert items. In addition to this we will also watch cooking programs and do fun and challenging activities. Be prepared to be challenged, Cooking Club is not for those who do not like to participate.
    Advisor: Josh Martin, Sylvia Scott
    Thursdays at Tutor Time, room 207

    Color Guard
    The Wilson Color Guard is a fun crew that uses flags to add visual rhythm and excitement to Wilson events and performances. We would like to welcome anybody to our team - no matter gender, sexual orientation, or previous skills. We are a fun and creative group and consider our team family. We practice one to two times per week in preparation for the Rose Parade or Starlight Parade. We've also performed at assemblies and basketball games.
    Advisor: Julie Fleming, Carole Schmidt-Davis
    Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:30-4:45pm, meet in front of the main office; practice takes place outside or in the cafeteria

    DECA (Marketing Club)
    DECA’s mission is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. DECA’s core values and attributes are competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork. These values are central to DECA’s mission and purpose in classrooms around the world.
    Advisor: Sarah LeMier
    Thursdays at Tutor Time, room 214

    Dragon Boat Team
    The Wilson Dragon Boat Team is well known in the dragon boat community for our loud cheers, determination, happy spirits, and winning races. Dragon boat racing is a team sport that originated in Southern China over 2000 years ago as a spiritual folk ritual but has evolved into an international sport. Portland is one of the only cities that have the sport. There is no need to have extreme athletic capabilities, all you need is team spirit. We paddle every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in the heart of Portland on the Willamette River in front of the Riverplace Hotel for relaxed practices. Practices start out with stretches for 15 minutes and we paddle for at least an hour on the water. During practice we work on endurance, race pieces, and techniques. We participate every year in the Rose Festival Dragon Boat race with 80 different teams from all over the world. Beginners are encouraged to join! We have 23 spots on the boat to fill—so bring your friends! We will provide life jackets, paddles, and the boat. Practices start in the spring time. Come learn what dragon boating is all about!
    Advisor: Rob and June Bremmer
    Practice meets downtown Portland on the waterfront near the RiverPlace Hotel, 4:30-6:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays, in the spring; Contact advisor for exact dates

    eSports Club
    eSports club is a club designed to raise awareness and build a large community centered around video gamers. In eSports Club, we will host tournaments for many different games as well as hosting viewing parties for gameplay of games such as League of Legends or Hearthstone. At eSports Club we hope to attract not only the hardcore gamers, but also casual players. We hope to build a larger eSports community where gamers can come and discuss (as well as play) their favorite games with their peers. The only required resource for eSports Club is a functioning TV to plug any console into.
    Advisor: David Rose
    Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays at lunch, Thursdays during Tutor Time, room 7

    Feminist Union
    The Wilson Feminist Union is a an activist group providing a space every week to let people voice opinions and concerns regarding women's rights and the fight for equality. We'll discuss issues affecting the Wilson community and the world at large. In prior years, we've organized film screenings and empowered volunteers and we plan to continue this tradition. Female liberation begins here. We meet Thursdays during lunch in room #119. All are welcome to join!
    Advisors: Katie Polansky, Ellen Whatmore
    Thursdays at lunch, room 119

    French Culture Club
    For students who are interested in French food, films, music and anything French! There is no French speaking required, so any student may join. The purpose is to learn about and experience French culture.
    Advisor: Lisa Walker
    Mondays at lunch, room 224

    Frisbee Club
    We are a club who is dedicated to promoting the sport of disc golf and fostering a sense of community for disc golfers at Wilson High School. Together, we are building and maintaining local outings, sponsoring tournaments, and hosting informative clinics. Come join us on the field as we strengthen our skills with Mr. Stremming's portable disc golf basket! Yeah buddy!
    Advisor: Norman Stremming
    Wednesdays at lunch, room 126

    Gentleman's Sea Shanty Club
    The Gentleman's Sea Shanty Club provides a safe, fun environment for people to sing to their hearts content. We will work on how to learn the basic parts of music and might have some opportunities to perform. No previous experience needed. Students will work on vocal improvisation, harmony and singing in the correct style of a sea shanty. Sea shanties are songs with alternating solos and choruses, which were usually sung by pirates or sailors while performing manual labor aboard the ship.
    Advisor: Nick Caldwell
    Wednesdays at Tutor Time, Room #104 (Band Room)

    Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    The Wilson Gender Sexuality Alliance provides a safe space for LQBTQ+ students and a positive environment for all students wishing to support the LQBTQ+ community. We focus on discussing issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community, providing information and resources to students, and creating a positive community within our school. As a group, we have attended events like the Portland Public Schools GSA Convention and the Southwest Area Gender Sexuality Alliance Convention (SWAGSACON). This year we are looking forward to having a variety of activities including making club shirts, movie viewings, and guest speakers. Anyone with an open mind and ability to follow basic guidelines of respect, support, and confidentiality is welcome.
    Advisors: Marie Pearson, Maureen Brennan
    Tuesdays & Thursdays at lunch, room 247

    Golf Club
    The mission of the Wilson Golf Club is to provide an opportunity for anyone interested in the sport to gain exposure before the season starts in spring, and to provide support for previous and current team members. Providing a place for people interested in the sport to gain knowledge would be beneficial to Wilson, because golf is one of the least popular sports across the PIL board. Activities that the Wilson Golf Club may partake in are scheduled driving range opportunities at Red Tail Golf Course with the help of current team members, putting games at meetings, and many valuable opportunities for students to learn more about the sport and how to get involved. The benefit of it being a student-led club is that it will be a fun place for members to learn from each other's technique and the rules of golf. The Wilson Golf Club will be a place for students to enjoy a sport loved by members of all skill levels.
    Advisor: Jackie Kolesar
    Thursdays at lunch, Gym

    The Harry Potter Alliance
    The Harry Potter Alliance is a service-based organization for Harry Potter Fans. Members participate in volunteer work or work as activists for campaigns chosen by the club members. For more information about The Harry Potter Alliance, visit www.thehpalliance.org.
    Advisor: Brittney Rigtrup
    Mondays at lunch, room 26

    Hybrid League
    The Hybrid League is a club for playing Hybrid-ball, a complex crossover of soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. The participants are introduced to the game by playing and learning the rules slowly.
    Advisor: Matt Carlson
    Mondays at lunch, room 108

    Hype Squad
    The Wilson Hype Squad is a club that serves to organize and promote our student section at basketball games. Our goal is to make a club for Wilson students and to help them cheer on their favorite athletes. The club will bring students from all grades together into an environment where every person is equally important. We aim to help create a safe and respectful environment at basketball games for both fans and athletes. We look to inspire other Wilson students to support their classmates in athletic competitions and start a tradition of great fans and a supportive environment. During meetings we will democratically put together the best ideas brought in and coordinate them into hilarious overcomplicated and over-the-top chants. Anybody looking to have a great time with their friends or even make new ones while screaming at the top of their lungs will be a perfect fit for Hype Club.
    Advisor: Derek MacDicken
    Tuesdays at lunch, room 232

    Jewish Student Union
    Learn about Judaism and Israel in a fun and educational environment. The Jewish Student Union (JSU) is a club for both Jewish and non-Jewish students to come together and learn about the Jewish culture and the holidays. We meet weekly and food will be provided for activities.
    Advisors: Meira Spivak, Doovie Jacoby
    Fridays at lunch, room 133

    Key Club
    Key Club is an international community service organization. In Wilson's Key Club, we volunteer at a variety of events around Portland. There are monthly events where we interact with Key Clubbers from all over Portland and a huge convention, DCON, for Key Clubbers from all over the Pacific Northwest region that occurs in Seattle in April. It's really fun and a great way to get involved in community service. Even if you can't commit to coming every week or volunteering every weekend, come when you can and volunteer when you can. All grade levels welcome. We would love to see you there!
    Advisors: Chris Bartlo, Linda Campillo
    Thursdays at lunch, room 28

    Knitting Club
    The Knitting Club will interest any student who would like to learn a new skill while also making a difference. It is a safe environment for students to have fun, make friends, and participate in community service. We will teach students how to knit and will be working on completing a communal quilt, with each person knitting a patch. We will donate the quilt to Rose Haven, a home serving women and children who have suffered abuse. Knitting club aims to help others while getting students enthused about knitting. Lunch and treats will be provided once a month.
    Advisor: Amy Durham
    Mondays at lunch, room 123

    Lacrosse - Boys
    Play lacrosse and stay physically fit while making great friends along the way. Wilson Boys Lacrosse Club is open to 9th-12th grade boys living in the Wilson High School district of Southwest Portland as well as students attending Riverdale High School. Wilson is a member of the Oregon High School Lacrosse Association (OHSLA), Columbia Division, which follows Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) rules and guidelines, with very few exceptions. Wilson Boys Lacrosse is open to players of any level of experience. Many of the players have previous experience with Wilson Youth Lacrosse, but that is not required. If you do not have prior lacrosse experience, it helps to be generally athletic, have good hand-eye coordination, be in good condition and be ready to work hard in practices.
    Advisors: Derek MacDicken (Head Coach), Chris Flick (Club President)
    Club website
    Season starts with Spring sports; location and time TBD, Contact advisor for more information

    Lacrosse - Girls
    Welcomes all players, new (no experience necessary) or returning players for a season of fun and competitive play. We have strong community spirit with dedicated players and involved parents and have had many successful years in OGLA. Practice begins in late February and our season kicks off at the beginning of March. We offer year-round opportunities to play, including captains’ practices in January and February to work on conditioning and LAX skills.
    Advisor: Valeurie Friedman
    Season starts with Spring sports practice; location and time TBD, Contact advisor for more information

    Latin@ Club
    The purpose of Latin@ Club is to make teens feel comfortable to express their own identity, opinions, ethnicity, stories, and self-inclusion with the diversity that we all share being uniquely different. Our stories and knowledge matter! It is important that our peers feel personally empowered to speak out, educate others that might not know our own cultural perspective, and feel good about expressing a clear truth. Voicing out for what we believe in is very important to us personally. Taking action on certain topics is equally as important. Our resourced activities and experiences are very exciting and fun opportunities for many Wilson students to take chances of learning something they are truly interested in. To conclude, Latin@ Club is a fun, serious, happy, sweet, and zany setting that everyone can feel included in.
    Advisor: TBD
    Thursdays at Tutor Time, room 117

    Magic (the Gathering) Club
    We play a specific card game that requires that we gather and find that one card you are missing by trading and creating battalions throughout your decks. Defeat all opponents to become champion in tournaments while discovering the story between each and every card.
    Advisor: Andre Danielson
    Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at lunch, room 206

    Makeup Club
    Students will practice using makeup. They can bring their own or have their makeup done by another member. We may view YouTube makeup tutorials and may even make tutorials for posting. Students may learn about skin care and how to look and feel their best. We will focus on techniques but also spend time discussing/learning what "looks" are appropriate for different settings. All are welcome!
    Advisor: Martin Douglass
    Wednesdays 7-8:00am, Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm, room 126
    Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays at Tutor Time, room 142

    Mock Trial
    Mock Trial is a club that helps students understand the law, practice critical thinking, and gain greater confidence with public speaking by assuming the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictional civil or criminal trial. Participants of mock trial get to experience first-hand the difficulties that judges, lawyers and juries face in determining which facts are relevant and what arguments are effective. The Wilson Mock Trial Club competes in both the mini-mock and the mock trial competition during the winter. No experience is required. Feel free to stop by one of our meetings to check it out and see if you are interested in participating.
    Advisors: Dave Vanspeybroeck, Gail Duffy
    Wednesdays 7-8:00am, Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm, room 133
    Mini Mock, December
    Mock Trial Competition in late February/Early March

    Model United Nations
    The Wilson Model United Nations club draws students of academic rigor. It is a great place to think critically about current events, become involved in the politics of the world and make friends with similar interests. Independent research and public speaking are used to address issues relating to the country we represent as well as preparing for the 3-day Model United Nations state-wide conference in April at the University of Oregon in Eugene. At the conference, delegates simulate United Nations procedures to solve world problems with students from across the state. Students earn .5 (1/2) credit for every two years of participation.
    Advisors: Lisa Walker, Tim Loveless
    Wednesdays at lunch, room 224

    Motorhead Club
    A car club based in the aesthetic of the Hot Rod Movement of the late '60s. We will discuss and tinker with the old motors to gain a better understanding of the mechanics of cars and how to improve "performance."
    Advisor: Chris Klich
    Fridays at Tutor Time, room 7

    Mural Club
    In the Mural Club, our goal is to brighten the walls of Wilson High School. For this upcoming year, we are planning to paint a mural of how Hillsdale currently looks so that future generations can see the change of our neighborhood. We are also planning to paint smaller murals in classrooms catered towards teachers and their classes. We would love to see fresh faces and hear new ideas! Everyone is welcome and no prior art experience is required.
    Advisor: Matt Carlson
    Thursdays at lunch and 3:15-6:00pm every other Friday beginning October 7, 2016; room 246

    Muslim Student Union
    The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) at Wilson will be one of thousands of MSAs in public school, colleges, and universities across America. We feel that in this time, and especially in this election year, having a positive voice and a positive impact on the community around us is very important for Muslim students. We hope to foster camaraderie, open understanding, and mutual respect between people of all faiths and walks of life. In the words of the great Maya Angelou "In diversity there is beauty and there is strength." We hope to add that strength and beauty to Wilson High School's offering of student clubs. This club is open to all interested students, regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, color, gender expression or identity, or sexual orientation.
    Advisors: Hannah Abusneineh, Nathan Pier
    Fridays at lunch and/or Tutor Time, room 139

    Pen and Paper Gaming Club (Formerly D & D Club)
    D & D is a social game filled with adventure. The club is a place for students to ineract and role play. Explore abandoned dungeons and fight alongside elves in a deep story all while laughing and having fun with friends. All are welcome to join in exploring and finding riches in this amazing world.
    Advisor: Robert Morgan
    Wednesdays, 3:30-6pm, Room #234

    Percussion Ensemble
    Percussion ensemble is a club for Wilson Band drummers. In this club, we will play several pieces with strong parts and we will practice playing better as a group. Our Student leaders and adult advisor will also be helping individuals perform and play better as percussionists.
    Advisor: Nick Caldwell
    Thursdays at  Tutor Time, Room #104 (Band Room)

    Questions Club
    Wilson has many academic clubs but all of them focus on answers. MUN, Debate, and Mock Trial all start with questions but are concerned with outcomes, reducing every problem to yes or no, win or lose, guilty or not guilty. In the real world, questions don't always have answers and problems don't always have solutions. At least, not singular, elegant, comprehensive ones. These are the issues that really matter because these are the issues we as citizens need to grapple with in our democratic system. That's why this club should appeal to any student with a head on his or her shoulders. These are complex, multifaceted issues with hidden snares, contradictions, and uncompromisable values. These are also issues that can and must be discussed, dissected, and understood to be addressed. Questions Club aims to foster this type of discussion by focusing on questions rather than answers. The club will challenge members to dig deeply into questions big and small, asking the greatest question of all: what is this really asking?
    Advisor: Brian Covey
    Tuesdays at lunch, Room #101

    Red Cross Club - Health Occupations
    If you are interested in community service, helping a great organization save lives, or a future health occupation,  Red Cross is the club for you!  All members can be a part of organizing Wilson's blood drives and participate in other Red Cross organized volunteer opportunities. We will also be hosting guest speakers in the medical field to come and talk about their job!  The Red Cross is an amazing organization to get involved with and we hope to see you all at our next meeting.
    Advisor: Aaron Olsen
    Thursdays at lunch, room 213

    Robotics Team
    We are a competitive robotics program for Wilson High School students interested in learning about engineering, programming, technology, team work, and robotics. Students form teams to participate in the international robotics program FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Teams are challenged to develop strategy and build robots to compete in alliance format against other teams in league meets and tournaments. Our programs build science, engineering and technology skills; inspire innovation; and foster self-confidence, teamwork, communication, and leadership. No prior experience or skills are needed to join - just a willingness to learn, be a team member, and have fun.
    Advisor: Kari Smith-Haight
    Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays, 6-9pm, room 7
    Additional meeting times vary based on competition dates. Please contact advisor for more information.

    Skateboard Club
    Skateboard Club provides a space of community, and cultural understanding of skateboarding. We will research the trends and culture of skateboarding.
    Advisor: Chris Klich
    Thursdays at Tutor Time, Room #145

    Ski Team
    The Wilson Ski Team (WST) is an opportunity for athletes to not only be competitive as racers but to gain fundamental skills. They share training and coaching resources with Central Catholic and therefore are a combined team known as the Wilson & Central Catholic Ski Team. Part of the Three Rivers League (TRL), the WST trains midweek at night and races on Saturdays, December to March, on Mt. Hood. Races are a competition amongst sixteen Portland high schools within TRL, culminating in the State Championships under the Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association (OISRA). The WST also trains to improve athleticism, through dryland training and a weekend trip to White Pass Mountain in Washington. The WST's purpose is to provide expert instruction to anyone interested, while having fun and making friends. The WST does not require prior racing experience; however, prior skiing experience is beneficial. If you are interested in getting up to the mountain, becoming a great skier, having fun, and making new friends, then WST is your ticket to fun!
    Advisors: David Duley, Melinda Borgens (Head Coach/Vice President), Jason Gillies (Head Coach)
    Team website: www.wilsonskiteam.org
    Training on Mt. Hood TBD

    Snowboarding Team and Club
    Snowboarding for competition and pleasure. This is an all inclusive club for recreational snowboarding and skiing. Team members receive coaching and the opportunity to compete for fun on the weekends. Starts in late December or early January with a state championship for top riders in March.
    Advisor: Fred Miller
    Mt. Hood Meadows 3:15-11pm on Wednesdays starting in December (depending on snow)

    SouthWest StageWorks
    SouthWest StageWorks is a Wilson High School Theatre Company. We produce three mainstage productions and several student-produced performances each year, coordinate community outreach events, travel to outstanding theatre, and partner with local teaching artists to bring WHS the very best of what the theatre, and performing arts have to offer. We are also an affiliate of the International Thespians (Troupe #1896), participating in numerous Oregon Thespian events, including the State Conference, connecting WHS students to theatre artists around Oregon and around the world. Folks interested in a great group of people doing great things for the Southwest Portland community should give us a look! We're looking for performers, technicians, designers, marketing specialists, musicians, comics, artist, and audiences...see you soon!
    Advisor: Jamie Miller
    Wednesdays and Fridays during Tutor Time, Room #108 (varies depending on week - check with advisor for exact meeting times)

    Speech & Debate Team
    Speech & Debate is an OSAA activity that helps students overcome speaking anxieties, increase public communication skills, develop better study habits, research skills, time management, and organizational skills. Students prepare for two or three speech and/or debate events and polish them for competition throughout the school year. Students compete in many formats including: extemporaneous and impromptu, interpretation of literature (various formats), persuasive, informative, speaking to entertain ("after dinner speaking"), and radio commentary.
    Coach: Don Steiner
    Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-5:00pm and 7-8:30pm (both days), room 213

    Star Wars LARP (Live Action Role Play)
    This is a LARP-ing (Live Action Role Playing) club. We have fun making Star Wars armor, costumes, and props out of paper and cardboard.
    Advisors: Matt Weaver, Ronnie Fanvae
    Wednesdays during lunch, Room #209

    Student Art Outreach Coalition (SAOC)
    The Student Art Outreach Coalition is a student-led coalition of Wilson artists, focusing on the visual arts, who contact local businesses and venues to organize curated student art shows. The goals of this club are to increase Wilson's artistic footprint in the community, to provide opportunities for students to display artwork off-campus, and to give students experience organizing, curating and marketing art shows. The club will have a large group of artist members and a smaller group of members in democratically-chosen leadership positions including marketing, curatorial, and organizational positions. Meetings will primarily be for leaders to touch base and plan shows. The club will ask significant outside-of-school time from it's leaders and very little time of other members, who will only be asked to do anything if their work will be featured at a show.
    Advisor: Marie Pearson
    Thursdays at lunch, Room #248

    Students for Environmental Action (SEA)
    SEA is the environmental awareness club at Wilson. We maintain the school garden year-round and disperse the vegetables to club members or donate the food to the Neighborhood House in Multnomah Village. During the school year, we do monthly bottle cleanups where we collect the bottles from around the school campus and recycle them. We have potlucks where we use the vegetables from the garden to make delicious food. Any student who would like to experience working in the garden, is interested in learning about the natural environment, and enjoys good food is welcome in our club.
    Advisor: George Penk
    Fridays at lunch, room 241

    Student Hiking Club
    The Student Hiking Club is a good group of kids who want to have some wholesome fun. At school and over email we get together and bounce hiking ideas off each other. We also pass along tips and tricks we've picked up along the way on our own travels. We encourage club members to go outside and get active with their friends. As a community, we aim to provide a healthy, social environment among the beautiful one we already live in.
    Advisor: Keith Higbee
    Thursdays at lunch, room 142

    Unified Friends
    Wilson’s Unified Friends is a student group that establishes friendships among teens with disabilities (e.g. Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Delay, etc.) and their non-disabled peers. Everyone benefits when barriers among people of different abilities are broken down. Unified Friends is open to all students.
    Advisor: Kristen Layton, Tom Blakely
    Tuesdays at lunch, room 17

    Write Club
    Write Club is for those who want complete freedom to write what they want in a community of peers. It's for those who at any skill level simply love writing, and for those who are just curious about it. It's for those who have something to say about issues of race, sexual orientation, gender, or any other topic, and want a safe space. Write Club is for you, in other words. You know who you are. We will meet once a week during Tutor Time. Usually we'll write from prompts and workshop, but once a month, our meeting will be a field trip to Hillsdale to write from observation or read our work to each other in a coffeeshop. The two rules of Write Club: We talk about Write Club and you don't have to write what's "right" but you do have to write what's you.
    Advisor: Nora Brooks
    First tutor time day of each week during Tutor Time, Room #138

    Youth Earthquake Preparedness
    The Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake occurs about every 250 years. It has been over 300 years since the last earthquake and Portland is overdue and greatly underprepared. This could be the most devastating earthquake the US has ever seen. Our club is student run and will develop survival skills and resources in order to educate and prepare the youth of Portland. This includes weekly discussions at meetings, making emergency kits, training days, and other community action. If you are an engaged and motivated student who is looking to get involved at Wilson and in the community, stop by room 128 on Wednesdays at lunch!
    Advisor: Reyanna Vance
    Wednesdays at lunch, Room #128