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    Students are encouraged to take a rigorous academic course load, balanced by extracurricular activities for a well-rounded high school experience. Whether it's sports, performance, or non-academic clubs, every student should be engaged outside of class in one or more activities that provide important community-building opportunities and engage the mind and body in other ways.

    Ida B Wells has a successful athletic program for both men and women and is a perennial power in the 6A division of the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL). Ida B Wells students participate in club lacrosse, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, chess, mock trial, model united nations, and many more extracurricular activities for all interests. Ida B Wells High School is alive with creative and passionate individuals and a sense of infinite possibilities.

    Ida B Wells selection of student-run clubs changes every year. There are many clubs to choose from, representing a dizzying array of interests from knitting to chess, hiking, or mock trial. Some clubs are serious, with either an intellectual or political focus (for example, the French club, Model United Nations, Feminists' Union). Some are just for fun, whether it is Hybrid-ball or dragon boating. Whatever the focus, IBW's clubs add variety and fun to life in high school. Join a club, meet new friends!

    Students interested in forming a new club will need to complete application paperwork. The time to do so will be announced in the school newsletter. This is printed in the summer before clubs for the new school year are established.


    Individual clubs provide participation paperwork, which may also include having a valid phyisical on file. Clubs follow the same grade requirements as IBW/PIL athletics.

    For more information, contact:
    Stephanie Satoorian Activities Director
    Mike Nolan, Athletic Director


    Ida B. Wells High School Clubs 2020-2021

    American Red Cross Club - Advisor: Aaron Olsen,

    We take part in community Blood Drives, Emergency relief fundraising, and Emergency Preparedness. We would love to see some old and new faces in our club this year! If you are interested or want to learn more you can DM us @wilsonredcrossclub on Instagram, and/or text @WRCC21 to 81010 to join the Red Cross Club Remind! Through our Remind, we will send more details about meeting times and events!

    We hope you’ll join us this year! IG:  @wilsonredcrossclub 

    Asian Desi Pacific Islander Student Union - Advisors: Alexa Bryant-Capellas, Tracie Talerico, Ben Hunter, Ellen Whatmore, Jamie Suehiro;,,,,

    The Asian Desi Pacific Islander (ADPI) Student Union embraces diverse Asian and Pacific cultures while celebrating our shared heritage alongside friends and allies of all BIMPOC (Black, Indigenous, Multi-racial, Person of color)  backgrounds who are open to learning more.  Students can expect to engage in conversations about issues facing ADPI and other BIMPOC communities as well as actively work to confront and dismantle racial prejudice and stereotypes. ADPI Student Union is a safe affinity space for community members of color while sharing cultural education with the larger WHS community through guest speakers, delicious dishes, local field trips to cultural sites, community service, and the development of leadership skills.   In 2020/2021, we commit to following through with our Student Union Mission as best we can in a virtual setting. Please fill out this interest form

    Astronomy Club - Advisor: Joe Minato,

    The purpose of the astronomy club at Wilson is to provide a fun, exciting environment where students who are interested in the universe around us can educate themselves and others about things in which they are interested. The club will be geared towards people who are knowledgeable in the field of astronomy as well as students who have no background but a yearning to learn more. At meetings we will discuss space news, plan future activities, and listen to guest speakers to spread their knowledge and expertise. We will host star parties. We will collaborate with the Rose City Astronomers, a great local group with many special-interest groups for the different facets of astronomy.

    Black Student Union - Advisors: Mohammed and Satoorian, and 

    The Black Student Union is a Black student-led club aiming to inspire, educate, and support Black students both as individuals and as a community. We hope and aspire to improve race relations in the school community by creating and maintaining an environment that is receptive to Black culture and ideas. Our mission is to uplift Black voices while providing a space for us to flourish, succeed, and grow. The BSU centers the participation of Black and POC students, with occasional invites to White allies for specific events. 

    DECA - Advisor: Sarah LeMier,

    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Wilson DECA will meet every Wednesday from 8-9 am. Club meetings will consist of fun marketing activities, community outreach, and competition workshops. 

    Fem Union - Advisor: Ellen Whatmore,

    A virtual forum for addressing issues pertaining to feminism and equity. Open to all people. Remind code: @femun Insta: whsfemunion 

    Gender Sexuality Alliance - Advisors: J. Root and A. Patton,,

    We are the Gender and Sexuality Alliance at Wilson! Whether you’re just here to support or you’re looking for a safe place to express your gender and sexuality, we have a place for you. Safety is the most important thing, and whether you are out or not at school, home, to friends/family, don’t let that stop you from reaching out. We are here to help and support in any way we can :)  Co-Presidents:  Oli Devereux (he/him)  Leo Munks (they/them) Please fill out this interest form!

    Harry Potter Alliance - Advisor: Andre Danielson,

    We here at Harry Potter Alliance welcome you to a new year at school full of fun and maybe a little "mischief". We provide a safe space for students to openly voice their opinions about the series without fear of being ridiculed for that opinion. All houses are welcome. We meet every Wednesday and Friday during lunch at 11:55pm and we have a Zoom room for online learning. We also have a Remind class code that will be given out on the first day of club meetings for this year.

    Jewish Student Union - Advisor: Tim Loveless,

    The Jewish Student Union's mission is to get more Jewish teens attending public high schools to do something Jewish. It's that simple. During JSU we will learn about Jewish holidays and traditions, mixed in with playing games and engaging in activities. There will also be rewards for coming! Come to the first meeting during the club rush for a chance to win a grand prize!

    Key Club - Advisor: Chris Bartlo,

    Key Club is an international student-led volunteer organization that focuses on involving its members in their community through connecting students to all kinds of volunteering projects that support their schools, city, parks, and the well-being of their neighbors. In Key Club, students make friends, form a community, and improve what's around them! There are also plenty of leadership opportunities available. Please join us in our online meetings during lunch on Thursdays if you are looking to make new friends and improve the community around you! Our officers are working to make sure that members are still given the same opportunities, even online. Follow our Instagram @wilsonhighkeyclub and use our Remind code @whskeytext to get in touch!
    Latinx Student Union
    Ida B Wells Latinx Student Union is a student-led space committed to connecting and supporting Latinx students at Ida B Wells. We also seek to raise social awareness of issues facing Latinx communities via cultural, social and academic events. Latino Student Union is open to students of all backgrounds who would like to learn and would like to actively engage with Latinx culture and heritage.  Any students interested in joining the Ida B Wells Latinx student group can reach out to Club Advisor: Winston Rivas at or text @ibwlsu to 81010

    Model United Nations (MUN) - Advisors: Lisa Walker and Tim Loveless,

    In Model United Nations (MUN), students learn about a country’s position on a general topic (global security, global economics, health and human services, environment, or human rights) and are given specific problems facing the world in that topic. Usually, in April, our club joins other MUN clubs from all over the state who represent different countries for a 3-day conference in Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon. There, we are put in committee rooms based on the general topic we have been studying. Students from all different schools representing different countries debate the best solutions to the problems in an attempt to come up with realistic solutions. To prepare for the conference, we hold weekly lunch meetings on Wednesdays. We are currently unsure if there will be an in-person or virtual conference this year, but we will still prepare and learn about our countries this year! Come join us!

    Muslim Student Association - Advisor: Ms. Mohammed, 

    Muslim Student Association is a club for everyone to come and learn more about Islam, important issues, and have fun!

    Oregon Battle of the Books - Advisor: Cassie Lanzas, 

    Read books and compete against other teams to answer questions about the books.

    Pizza and Pages -  Advisor: Cassie Lanzas,

    Read and discuss popular young adult novels. Vote for your favorites to become the Oregon Reader's Choice Award.

    Science Olympiad - Advisor: Scott Guthrie,

    If you love science and want to be a part of a team of motivated individuals, join Wilson’s Science Olympiad team! No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Science Olympiad is a club where students have fun learning science and preparing for the Science Olympiad competition in April. During our biweekly meetings, we'll form teams of students and take a look at individual events that are a part of the competition. You will get the chance to compete in events from a wide range of scientific fields, including (but definitely not limited to) genetics, engineering, geology, and chemistry. To join our Remind and get meeting information, text @soteam2021 to 81010. We look forward to seeing you alternating Fridays after school!

    Ski Team - Advisor: Erica Caldwell,

    Ski Team at WHS is a ski race club for 9th-12th grade students who are classified as at least “intermediate" skiers who want to increase their skiing skills and collaborate with other WHS students who love skiing.   The team is coached by Willy Scroggins and other excellent coaches.  Students get lots of personalized coaching.  Ski Races are every Saturday in January and February.  Depending on COVID restrictions, we will have more info about dry land training that happens at WHS in Nov., weekday evening mountain practices, transportation and costs to be determined based on enrollment in the club.  

    Social Justice Book Club - Advisor: Cassie Lanzas,

    Read and discuss popular young adult counternarratives and novels about current societal challenges.

    Speech and Debate Team- Advisor: Ben Hunter, 

    WHS Speech & Debate: Thousands of students are competing, making friends, earning college scholarships, meeting college faculty, seeing campuses, and winning trophies every week across America. WHS Speech & Debate (aka Forensics) is a great team to be part of—come find out why!

    Students Active For Ending Rape (SAFER) - Advisor: Allyson Copacino, 

    SAFER is a club that is open to anyone and everyone. We focus on education and awareness of rape culture on Wilson's campus, as well as provide a safe space for allies, survivors, and others who want to discuss these issues. Our meetings will be about an abundance of topics from consent to self love.  

    Students for Environmental Action - Advisor: Mr. Petraglia,

    Students for Environmental Action is for anyone who is interested in supporting the environment! Our goal is to promote eco-friendly practices and encourage students to grow their own produce. Topics we address include recycling, political action, gardening, social justice, climate change, and anything members are interested in. S.E.A. is open to all people and commitment levels; please join us! We meet Tuesdays at lunch on zoom. Our Remind is @sea-pps, our instagram is @sea.pps and our discord is Website:  Video 1, Video 2 

    Talking about Technology - Advisor: Mr Bartlo,

    A supportive community for female-identifying and non-binary students interested in tech. Our discord is   

    Theatre/SouthWest StageWorks - Advisor: Jamie Miller,

    The Wilson HS Theatre Company and Thespian Troupe

    Wilson High School Dragonboats - Advisor: Rob Bremmer,

    Wilson High School Dragonboats is a diverse, student-run team with an experienced coach-- Rob Bremmer. During the Spring, we meet three times a week (see dates/times below) to practice on the Willamette in a big, fancy boat that looks like a dragon. In early June, the team competes in the Rose Festival Dragonboat races (see dates below). The races are optional, but very fun, and participation is encouraged! The team has placed in several of the previous years' races. Positions on the team include: Flag catcher, tiller, caller, and paddler. You're welcome to try them all, or stick with one you like. People of all fitness levels and grades are welcome! Practice times (starting in Spring) -- Tues./Thur. 4-6pm and Sat. 8-10am,   Race weekend -- TBA (Generally, the first or second weekend of June. Races last most of the day Saturday and Sunday of that weekend-- it's like a big party!)  Contact one of us team captains if you have questions! Lily Kemling:, Scott Bremmer:, Kelson Gipp:, Coach Rob Bremmer: We'll make sure to keep you updated as the season approaches! 

    A message from Robert Bremmer our Dragon Boat Coach: 

    Wilson High School has supported an award-winning Dragon Boat team every year since Dragon boats started with High school teams, and I've been the sole parent advisor for six years, but now my youngest is senior. I need a parent or staff member to step up this year so I can train them on what the team needs in a coach. I'd like to share a season then hand it off to the new person.

    It's easy and fun! The team is very self directed and understands what is needed, so they need someone to be an adult presence and help keep things on track. It's safe, easy, gets you outdoors and anyone can do it.

    Here are some video links showing what it's like - It's inspirational to work with these kids -

    Another Wilson High school win! -

    Straight on - shows the students working hard -

    Practicing to music to keep the beat -

    Students showing their Wilson spirit and enthusiasm as they queue up to race - -

    I'll train someone in all they need to know. Commitment is Tuesday and Thursdays right after school and once on Saturday morning, for about 2 hours each practice total. The days and times can change, that is just what's traditional. Probably about an hour a week of contacting students or prepping. They have fun but they are serious too, and are able to compete and beat adult teams and win medals.  

    Anyone interested in learning more please contact me, Rob Bremmer, at or 503-544-3339.

    Wilson Students of Investing (WSI) - Advisor: Mr. Winicki,

    Students will have fun collaborating and learning about the stock market by opening (free) paper accounts and trading stocks on a weekly basis, acquiring the necessary skills to build an effective portfolio. Students will discuss different investing strategies and learn how to minimize risk in order to make profit.

    2019-2020 Wilson Clubs (more examples of active clubs during in-person school)
    2019-2020 Wilson Clubs