Student Clubs

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    Students are encouraged to take a rigorous academic course load, balanced by extracurricular activities for a well-rounded high school experience. Whether it's sports, performance, or non-academic clubs, every student should be engaged outside of class in one or more activities that provide important community-building opportunities and engage the mind and body in other ways.

    Wilson has a successful athletic program for both men and women and is a perennial power in the 6A division of the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL). Wilson students participate in club lacrosse, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, chess, mock trial, model united nations, and many more extracurricular activities for all interests. Wilson High School is alive with creative and passionate individuals and a sense of infinite possibilities.

    Wilson's selection of student-run clubs changes every year. There are many clubs to choose from, representing a dizzying array of interests from knitting to chess, hiking, or mock trial. Some clubs are serious, with either an intellectual or political focus (for example, the French club, Model United Nations, Feminists' Union). Some are just for fun, whether it is Hybrid-ball or dragon boating. Whatever the focus, Wilson's clubs add variety and fun to life in high school. Join a club, meet new friends!

    Students interested in forming a new club will need to complete application paperwork. The time to do so will be announced in the school newsletter. This is printed in the summer before clubs for the new school year are established.



    Individual clubs provide participation paperwork, which may also include the clearance forms available from the Athletic Director in room #121. Clubs follow the same grade requirements as Wilson/PIL athletics.

    For more information, contact:
    Ken Muraoka, Activities Director
    Mike Nolan, Athletic Director


    Wilson Clubs 2019-2020

    Name of Club Day Time Location Club Description
    Amature Geographer's Alliance Thursday Tutor Time Room 127  
    ARC (Applied Robotics Club) Thursday Tutor Time Room 106 The Applied Robotics Club offers a unique opportunity for Wilson students interested in robotics and technology. Unlike competitive robotics teams, ARC promotes learning through a collaborative environment tailored to independent projects. Students can work on their own or in groups to ideate, design and fabricate their projects with real world applications ranging from medical devices, to home appliances, to remote controlled vehicles; all with the support of other club members. If you’re new to robotics, ARC is a great place to dip your toes into the world of engineering - no experience required. Or, if there is a project that you’re already working on, the Applied Robotics Club is the perfect place to further develop it. Any students interested in science, technology, engineering, or design will find a home in ARC!
    Asian Pacific Islander Club Friday(B Days) Lunch Room 136 The Asian Pacific Islander Club embraces and celebrates our common heritage alongside friends of all backgrounds who want to learn more about Asian and Pacific culture Students can expect to engage in conversations about what APIs and other minority communities face, and talk about ways to confront and dismantle racial prejudice and stereotypes. Club members have expressed a desire to join others to create a safe affinity space as well as share Asian and Pacific Island culture with the Wilson community, listen to guest speakers, eat good food, take field trips to cultural sites, participate in community service, and develop leadership skills.
    ASL Club Monday Lunch Room 225 The ASL club's purpose is to create a space for students to become more involved in the Deaf community and help them learn about the language, which we are both very passionate about. We want other students to be excited about it, as well. We plan to self-supply any resources we may need, such as supplies for games, prizes, and learning tools. We'd like to have games to play, using ASL, during our club time. Another thing we'd like to have is club planned trips to Deaf events, where students may choose to participate and learn ASL and experience it in an outside-of-school setting.
    Astronomy Club Monday (A Days) Lunch Room 238 The purpose of the astronomy club at Wilson is to provide a fun, exciting environment where students who are interested in the universe around us can educate themselves and others about things in which they are interested. The club will be geared towards people who are knowledgeable in the field of astronomy as well as students who have no background but a yearning to learn more. At meetings we will discuss space news, plan future activities, and listen to guest speakers to spread their knowledge and expertise. We will host star parties. We will collaborate with the Rose City Astronomers, a great local group with many special-interest groups for the different facets of astronomy.
    Barber Shop Quartet Wednesday Lunch Band Room Barber shop quartet club will provide the experience of community, cooperation and musicality through the art of singing.
    Black Student Union (BSU)  Friday Lunch & Tutor Time Room 118 The Black Student Union aims to inspire, educate, and stimulate African-Americans both as individuals and as a community. We would like to improve race relations in the school and community by creating and maintaining an environment that is receptive to African-American culture and ideas and fostering open communication between and among students and staff. The BSU is open and welcoming to ALL students regardless of race or ethnicity.
    Child Rights Activism  Tuesday Lunch Room 129 Child Marriage is legal in 48 states, Oregon included. The goal of this club is simple: advocate for child rights and work to eliminate child marriage in Oregon and nationwide.

    Facts about child marriage (CM) in the US:
    -CM is legal in 48 states.
    -CM is legal in Oregon.
    -Oregon legislators have not made a plan to eliminate CM.
    -CM has occurred over 250,000 times in the past decade alone.

    From organizing a large-scale event in Salem to rallying on social media, this club will focus on fighting for what's right: child rights. Allowing a 14 year old to marry a 40 year old is unjust, and raising awareness to the issue of child marriage is important.
    Chinese Language and Culture  Tuesday Lunch Room 23 The oldest living civilization on earth. The world’s biggest box office. Among the most powerful nations on the planet. Home of the panda bear. The most spoken language in the world. The Chinese Language and Culture Club (CLACC) discovers China through traditional art forms like calligraphy to the cutting edge of Chinese pop music. ABSOLUTELY NO CHINESE LANGUAGE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TAKING CHINESE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CLUB! All welcome for any reason whatsoever. If you have questions, come on by and check us out, or email us at!
    Common Ground Monday Lunch Room 120  
    Clay Club Wednesday 3:15-5:00 Room 245 A club for currently enrolled ceramics students who would like extra studio time to complete work, go on field trips to Galleries, and fire a rake kiln.
    Common Ground Monday Lunch Room 120 Common Ground is an organazation dedicated to bringing youth from diverse socieconmic status and political ideoliges together. Through this, we hope that members are able to create positive change in their communities. Students may have the oppurtunity to work with government officals and community members.
    Community Clean-up Monday Lunch Room 142 Trash and litter is a major problem everywhere, and it seems that society is not doing enough to help. We were inspired by the use of the "Eco-Brick" in South Africa, and decided we wanted to model a project similar to this campaign. In this club we will conduct community trash pickups, deposit bottles and cans and donate the profits to community organizations. We will also be separating all collected materials into garbage and recycling. We aim to produce a waste free club, and to strengthen our community!
    Community Club  TBD Lunch Room 145 Community club is a place where students can get together and make new friends. Students who want to be apart of the wilson community and meet new exchange students. At community club we play games, make crafts, eat food and get to know each other. Our goal is to make wilson feel more like a community and become united.
    Divertissement Alliance Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Tutor Times Room 234 The purpose of this club is to have an activity to help fill Tutor Times. There is no commitment required, and you needn't come at all if you wish; it is simply a place to go when there's nothing to do during Tutor Times. There is a smorgasbord of available games every Tutor Time in room 234!
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Tuesday Lunch Room 213 The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) club is a lunch time huddle where Wilson students come to study the word and eat free pizza! This Wilson club is open to anyone! We will read passages from scripture and will discuss them with each other to understand what Jesus wants us to do in life. Jesus has a plan for us all. Come to this club to find out how you can use your talents for God!
    Federation of Film Fanatics Wednesday Lunch Room 109 For lovers of film and the cinematic industry. We will discuss current movies, our favorite movies, and Hollywood in general. We will also watch parts of movie during meetings and discuss. We have a large group of people who have already expressed interest and therefore do not need space at the club fair.
    Fishing  Wednesday Lunch Room 232 To expand fishing knowledge and to hone fishing skills and techniques.
    French Culture Thursday Lunch Room 224 For students who are interested in French food, films, music and anything French! There is no French speaking required, so any student may join. The purpose is to learn about and experience the cultures of the Francophone world.
    Gender Sezuality Alliance (GSA) Tuesday Lunch Room 130 Wilson’s Gender Sexuality Alliance exists to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies. Our goal is to create a positive and safe environment for all LGBTQ+ students at Wilson, and in our club we will discuss issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community, along with providing support and resources to students and staff. As a group, we have attended events like the Portland Public Schools GSA Summit and GLSEN sponsored events hosted by Nike and Intel. We also host various activities outside of club, such as movie and game nights. Anyone with an open mind and ability to follow basic guidelines of respect, support, and confidentiality is welcome.
    German Language and Culture Wednesday Lunch Room 226 This club is for students who appreciate a language and culture with a long, rich history, who are also taking advanced German courses here at Wilson. During meetings, our members will discuss the history of Germany, and the current issues it faces. However, it will mainly be an extra study session for those students that have opted to take the AP German test at the end of the year. Because so much of it will be upper-level language learning, it is only recommended to students proficient in German. The upper level classes have been notified of this club, so we will not be needing space at the club fair.
    Harry Potter Alliance Tuesday adn Friday Lunch Room 31 The Harry Potter Alliance is an international organization that turns fans into heroes. Using the power of story and popular culture we make activism accessible and sustainable.

    For more information about The Harry Potter Alliance, visit
    Italian Club Wednesday Lunch Room 130 Italian Club will be a place where students can learn about Italian language and culture in a fun, relaxed environment. We will look at Italian language, music, film, food, and any other topic of interest to the students. Italian language knowledge is not required to participate, as we will start with the basics. ALL are welcome! We may have some opportunities to meet in the city to experience Italian culture, such as the free admission Italian Film Festival in April, or going out to Italian Dining Nights at various Italian restaurants around the city! Parliamo Italiano!
    Ivy Pulling  Tuesday Lunch Fields  
    Jewish Student Union (JSU) Friday Lunch Room 107 Jewish Student Union, first of all, is to create an environment for all the fully Jewish, partly Jewish, and sometimes not even close to Jewish kids so they all feel welcome. Our mission is to inform everybody, who is interested, about Judaism, our culture, our history, where we originated, and why we are here. Each week on Fridays we will most likely have bagels if its a holiday that week then we will have a lesson about it and do an activity that includes something you can take home. We are a very welcoming club and usually always have sweets in our room. If you are even the slightest bit interested in our club, then come in for a lunch on a Friday, I'm telling you it is totally worth it.
    K-Pop Friday Lunch Room 237 To bring awareness of k-pop and the culture surrounding it. To bring together fans and create a safe space to discuss music releases, groups, and activities within the k-pop world. Fans of the music genre and those curious about it are welcome, we will discuss groups big and small, old and young. Some days we might even hold snack-fests for music video binges. All are welcome, there is always something new to talk about!
    Key Club Thursday Lunch Room 31 Key Club is an international student-led volunteer organization that focuses on involving its members in their community through local service projects. Key Club gives students the opportunity to participate in all kinds of volunteering projects that support their schools, city, parks, and and the well-being of their neighbors. Within Key Club, students make friends, form a community, and improve what's around them. There are also plenty of leadership opportunities, including those on school, divisional, district, national, and international levels.
    Latino Student Union Monday Lunch Room 227 The purpose of our club is to have a special and specific place for latino students to be able to express themselves. Also to involve more voice throughout the school.
    Math  Tuesday and Thursday Lunch Room 25 Math club is a space where students can teach, learn, and share math with other students. Anyone who loves math or wants to love it more is welcome and encouraged to stop by regardless of math level or experience.
    Mock Trial Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8:30 Room 107 Wilson High School Mock Trial is a club designed for students interested in learning more about the field of law. Throughout the club, participants will have the opportunity to take on the role of a lawyer or witness with a staged case in participate in 2 separate mock trial competitions throughout the school year and compete against other Portland schools in a real courthouse setting. Students will also get a chance to consult and talk to real lawyers as we have multiple experienced coaches in the law field to help out. We will meet once a week for an hour and a half for practice.
    Model United Nations Wednesday Lunch Room 224 In Model United Nations (MUN), students learn about a country’s position (this year, Wilson will represent China and Poland) on a general topic (global security, global economics, health and human services, environment, or human rights) and are given specific problems facing the world in that topic. In April, our club joins other MUN clubs from all over the state - all of which represent different countries - for a 3-day conference in Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon. There, we are put in committee rooms based on the general topic we have been studying. Students from all different schools representing different countries debate the best solutions to the problems in an attempt to come up with realistic solutions. To prepare for the conference, we hold weekly lunch meetings on Wednesdays in Mrs. Walker’s room (224).
    Mural Club Thursday Lunch Room 234 The goal of Mural Club is to brighten the walls of Wilson High School! We work together to make our school a better place. In the past, we have painted the beautiful planets, stars, and underwater creatures that can be found in the science hall, as well as the moon landing in room 134. For this upcoming year, we are painting a mural in Mr. Morgan's room. We are also planning to paint smaller murals in classrooms catered towards teachers and their classes. We would love to see fresh faces and hear new ideas! Everyone is welcome and no prior art experience is required!
    Muslim Student Association  THursday Lunch Room 118  The Muslim Student Association (MSA) of Wilson High school’s purpose is to educate our non-Muslim peers about Islam while representing it accurately. Our religion is a big part of our identity and being part of a community where there aren't a lot of people who share that identity with you can be hard especially when most of them have hardly any knowledge about your religion.There’s also bad connotation to Islam and we as representatives of Islam, need to be able to find a way to break that in our community. And for those reasons, anyone who is curious about Islam is welcome to join as long as they’re being respectful. Our club has also been a safe place and a support system for the Muslim students here at Wilson because they have a place where there are people who they can relate to and vice versa. We have a movie and game night coming up where members get to know each other a lot more and grow closer together as a club. We are also going to be doing some sort of a charity or volunteer work together and then we’ll be having a big school wide event in which the Wilson community will gain a deeper understanding of Islam. We meet every Thursday in room 118 during lunch and our remind code is whsmsa19
    Pen and Paper Gaming Friday Lunch Room 234 The Pen and Paper Gaming Club is an open space in which we gather together to play games such as Dungeons and Dragons.
    PERIOD First B Day of Week Lunch Room 145 PERIOD club is Wilson's chapter of PERIOD, the world's largest youth-run women's health NGO. Our club works to de-stigmatize menstruation through education and policy. PERIOD's projects include providing period products to homeless menstrators, maintaining and advocating for the period products in our schools, and educating members of our community on reproductive health. Half the world's population menstruates, why aren't we talking about it?! Visit for more information.
    Poetry Wednesday Lunch Room 136 Welcome to the Poetry Club! Poetry is a powerful tool to express yourself, engage in activism, or just write about topics that are interesting to you. The Poetry Club is a free, open environment, open to both beginners and experienced poets alike. The club focuses on celebrating, sharing, and writing poetry, where anyone can share their writing in an accepting and kind space. Furthermore, the poetry club will:

    -Connect poets with local poetry opportunities
    -Focus on letting poets improve their writing skills
    -Showcase amazing poetry
    -Let poets practice reading their poetry.
    Red Cross Club Wednesday Lunch Room 213 We — as a club designate our time to helping others, whether that’s hosting community blood drives throughout the year to assist Red Cross and others needing of blood donations or raising money for an annual charity primarily focused on a natural disaster and betting the health and happiness of those beings! Our purpose is to help others and better the lives of all, while having fun, getting to meet new people, and volunteering.
    S.E.C.S. Club Thursday Lunch Room 142 S.E.C.S(sexuality. education. consent and safety). This clubs purpose is to provide a safe and open place where students can come and explore their identity and sexual wellness in various ways. Students who know nothing about sexual health or know everything about sexual health are welcome to join. We will be having guest speakers from planned parenthood and teen council as well as taking field trips to various locations related to sexual health and identity.
    SAFER (Students Active for Ending Rape) Thursday Lunch Room 238 SAFER (Students Active For Ending Rape) is an organization that fights sexual violence and rape culture by providing students with information about sexual violence and promote consent education. SAFER firmly believes that sexual violence is both influenced by and contributes to multiple forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, and homo/transphobia, and view our anti-sexual-violence work through a broader anti-oppression lens. SAFER is committed to social change through community mobilization; we empower students with the tools needed to mobilize students, create a broader community which builds a consent culture to prevent sexual assault and make a lasting change at Wilson.
    Science Olympaid Tuesday Lunch Room 234 If you love science and want to be a part of a team of motivated individuals, join Wilson’s Science Olympiad team! No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Science Olympiad is a club where students have fun learning science and preparing for the Science Olympiad competition in April. During our weekly meetings, we'll form teams of students and take a look at individual events that are a part of the competition. You will get the chance to compete in events from a wide range of scientific fields, including (but definitely not limited to) genetics, engineering, geology, and chemistry. Come join us in room 234 on Tuesdays at lunch!
    Scrabble Thursday Tutor Time Room 119 Relax, chill with friends and have fun, all while playing Scrabble. Learn to beat your friends with amazing strategy using two letter words, BINGOS and parallel play. What’s a BINGO in Scrabble? (It only adds 50 extra points to your word score.) What’s parallel play? Come find out in the Scrabble Club every Thursday Tutor Time in Rm. 119. All levels of players welcome.
    Self Care  Thursday Tutor Time Room 208 Hey! Life's hard. Let's talk about it. We are a community of people talking about stress, self care, and mental health. Join us to add a bit a of positivity to your days. :)
    Social Justice  Wednesday Lunch Room 103 Social justice club is fun, exciting, and is going to have some great snacks. So far, we have created our own organization, Portland Students for Change and you can be part of it! (It probably looks good on a college resume if you are.) We will work on creating positive change in our community as well as do our part to tackle global issues. This club is for anyone who wants to learn more about how to be a 21st-century activist and anybody wants to start making a difference!
    Soup Club Thursday Lunch Room 232  
    Squaggledorf Friday Lunch Room 27 The purpose of the Squaggledorf club is for teaching people how to play the invented sport of Squaggledorf, and eventually, play the game itself. Participants in the club will gain a greater sense of teamwork and cooperation while also improving their fitness, athleticism and mental prowess. Students who may be interested in joining are those who want to improve their athletic ability, while also learning something new and having fun. Squaggledorf is a very complicated sport, challenging players both mentally and physically.
    Students for Environmental Action (SEA)  Thursday and Friday Th 3:15-4 | Fr Lunch Room 241 Students for Environmental Action is for anyone who is interested in supporting the environment! Meetings are on Fridays during lunch in room 241. We have three sections: recycling, political action, and gardening. Our goal is to promote eco-friendly practices and encourage students to grow their own produce. At garden meetings, we cultivate our garden at Wilson and grow many fruits and vegetables. We meet once a week for can and bottle recycling, which is a fun and rewarding way to get service hours! If that doesn't convince you, we also have baked goods! The political action section helps students get their environmental-related opinions heard. S.E.A. is open to all people and commitment levels; please join us!
    Students on Color in Action Association (SOCAA) Friday Lunch Room 143  
    SWENext  Friday Lunch Room 8 The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is the world's largest advocate for women in engineering and technology with a community of over 40,000 professional and collegiate members, and SWENext is a way to become involved in SWE as a high school student. Through outreach projects, guest speakers, and field trips, the SWENext Club at Wilson High School is committed to promoting engineering within the local community, especially among women. The club is open to any student (not just those who identify as female) interested in exploring engineering and technology while promoting the value of diversity and inclusion in these disciplines.
    The Society for Musical Appreciation (The S.M.A) Wednesday Lunch Room 206 We meet at lunch on Wednesdays every week and we bring in music from different genres, and we listen and talk about them together.
    The Juggling Club Tuesday Lunch Room 35 The purpose of the club is to teach those who are interested to learn how to juggle and to provide a community to those who also might be interested in expanding their juggling skills. Students will learn the basics of juggling, and more advanced skills like passing, juggling 4 and 5 ball juggling patterns, and other advanced tricks. Juggling has several benefits including improving hand-eye coordination, is a calming activity and it's a good way to have fun.
    Trapezii Appreciation  A-Days 4th Peroid Weight Room This is a club for people who want to look their best. There will be no meetings, it is a club based on the honor system. Members will promise to work their trapezii muscles during workouts to improve shoulder strength and mobility.
    WHS Feminist Union Monday Lunch Room 119 Feminist Union has really struggled to take off as a prominent club at Wilson, and this year, we really would like the club to be what our members want it to be to keep membership and involvement in the worldwide discussion of Feminism. We will always be, however, a safe space for anyone to come and join us for lunch, discussing prominent issues and events, both in the past and currently, and how the relate to Feminism. Our club is open to anyone, but will most likely attract more social-justice-oriented students, looking for somewhere to just talk about what they see in our social history and culture. We are currently not an action-oriented club, as myself and our other club leader prefer this kind of club. However, if our new and returning members feel differently, we will be changing the format of the club to best fit their wants.
    Wilson Bowling  Tuesday or Wednesday 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm Cafeteria  
    Wilson Color Guard Monday and Wednesday 3:30-4:30  Cafeteria Wilson Color Guard is a FUN crew that brings visual excitement to Wilson events and performances. We create flag routines to the music of our marching band and perform not only at the Rose and Starlight parade, but at a few assemblies and sporting events, too. Join us - No experience needed, open to all students, and FREE!
    Wilson Robotics Wednesday 6:00-9:00 PM Jackson MS We are a competitive robotics program for Wilson students interested in learning engineering, programming, technology, team work and robotics skills. Wilson has four teams that participate in the international program FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Teams are challenged to develop strategy and build robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams in league meets and tournaments. The club is led by community volunteers and parents with STEM experience.
    Wilson Nonprofit Network Wednesday or Thursday (A Days) Tutor Time Room 127 The Wilson Nonprofit Network serves to engage high school students with their community, simultaneously allowing them to exercise their talents, hobbies, and career interests. The club will create content for a website that will function as a news source and social network for community members to learn more about Portland's numerous nonprofit organizations. The goal of the club is to raise awareness of nonprofit organizations around Portland, encouraging people to support their cause. We also hope that the website will provide a positive, hopeful source of news to turn to that is free of the negativity commonly found in modern media. There are countless ways to participate in the club and help out our cause, but we are primarily seeking talented, passionate journalists, artists, photographers, and people who are skilled at networking.
    Wilson Rocket Club Wednesday Lunch Room 241 Wilson Rocket Club will give students the opportunity to design, build, and launch their own rockets. Students will be encouraged to pursue their own projects at home and bring them to scheduled launches. As part of a National Association of Rocketry section students and property will be protected by a $1,000,000 insurance policy. In the future, we hope to participate in official NAR competitions. Students who love to build, design, or just watch cool things go up, are welcome to join.
    Wilson Smash Wednesday and Thursday 3:45pm - 5:00pm RBD Wilson Smash is intended to provide a space for fans of the Super Smash Bros. series to participate in a competitive and welcoming environment. With competitive oriented matches, we aim to bring players to the next level of gameplay. We also plan on hosting schoolwide tournaments and events for everyone to enjoy.
    Wilson Snowboard Wednesday 5pm - 6 pm Cafeteria Well, it's that time of the year once again! Snow is upon us! Our organization has been riding smoothly and safely for more than 20 years! The club/team welcomes all levels of athleticism and promotes a team bonding experience in the great outdoors.
    In participating on the snowboard team, riders can compete at Mt. Hood Meadows events held by OISA (Oregon Interscholastic Snowboard Association). We highly recommend the amenities the team has to offer like: on hill training from our experienced coaching staff, learning new tricks and styles, being apart of a team in an individual sport, and the chance to qualify for the state competition. Our snowboard team members are encouraged to safely develop their skills while having fun snowboarding.
    Both skiers and snowboarders can join the club. The dry land practice dates are TBA, will most likely kick off on November 6th. Typically, our practices start the first Wednesday after Winter Break. We plan on taking ten charter buses up to Mt. Hood Meadows for their night ski. A couple day buses are also scheduled around finals and holidays. We hope to see you on the hill! Oh yeah, be sure to dress warm.
    Wilson Ultimate Frisbee Monday 3:15pm - 4:30pm Courtyard Wilson’s Ultimate Frisbee club welcome’s all students—regardless of experience or ability—looking to play the great sport of Ultimate Frisbee. We meet every Monday in the courtyard after school from 3:15-4:30 regardless of rain, snow or other weather conditions. Experience is not an issue, because every week we have a Portland Ultimate coach who can instruct you. We provide the experience of learning a sport that is quickly growing, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Students who enjoy sports like football and soccer, but don’t want to deal with major injuries will gravitate towards ultimate. Bring your friends, and make new friends here, because ultimate is the only sport without refs, so players need to be able to work together to resolve issues by themselves. Any student looking for a very active sport to do, but don’t want the long time commitment of others I’m sure would have a lot of fun joining the Ultimate Frisbee Club.
    Youth Ingniting Change Monday Lunch Room 103  
    Yu-Gi-Oh Monday and Wednesday Lunch