Dual Credit

  • Dual Credit courses provide the opportunity for students to earn college credit simultaneously with high school credit. Entering college with credits may allow students to graduate in less time or to take advanced coursework sooner in their college career. Students who complete the courses below with a grade of "C" or better (unless a higher grade is required by the instructor) can earn Portland Community College credits accepted by many secondary educational institutions (check the website of schools you are interested in to learn about their policies regarding college credit earned in high school). These courses align with specific courses at Portland Community College.


    Students wishing to earn PCC credit for the Wilson courses listed below apply to PCC and then enroll in those courses at PCC as well as at Wilson. See the PCC Dual Credit page or contact the instructor (listed below) for more information.


    Wilson Course PCC Course Instructor
    Computer Science 3-4 CS 161: Computer Science 1 Bartlo
    Computer Science 5-6 CS 162: Computer Science 2 (pending approval) Bartlo
    Publications: Newspaper—Editor (The Trojan Horse Student Magazine) Journalism 103: Introduction to Media Writing Higbee
    Digital Media Design 3-4 Multimedia 230: Graphics for Multimedia Douglass
    Video Production 1-2 Multimedia 260: Video Production 1 (pending approval) Rizzo
    Video Production 3–4 Multimedia 230: Graphics for Multimedia (pending approval) Rizzo
    Woodworking/Metalworking 1-2 BCT 106: Hand Tool/Power Tool Use and Safety Walmer
    Health Occupations CG 130H: Introduction to Today’s Careers: Health
    HE 112: Standard First Aid & CPR/AED
    Chamber Orchestra Music 158A: Chamber Ensemble Murer
    Choir: Wilsingers Music 220A: Music Murer
    Choir: Wilson Advanced Vocal Ensemble (WAVE) Music 221A: Chamber Chorus Murer
    Community Mentor CG 190: Intercultural Leadership for Mentors Campillo
    Library/Technology Aide ED 119: Library Access Services Campillo
    Peer Counseling CG190: Intercultural Leadership for Mentors Wolff/Brown