Degrees and Certifications:

Tyler Wingard

Tyler Wingard works for the IT department and is one of IBW’s newest staff member. He has been working at various PPS schools over the past five years. He describes the current atmosphere as “really, really friendly and welcoming” and is ecstatic to be working at Ida B Wells. He looks forward to getting to meet more of the student body as time goes on. Wingard has spent his whole life in Portland, attending Franklin High School. Following aspirations to become a professional basketball player and a police officer, he got into the computer science industry at Oregon State University and then into working with computers with various tech jobs at schools. He is very passionate about sports as he grew up playing baseball, football and basketball. In his free time, he also enjoys video games and playing instruments, such as the guitar and the drums. 


Written by Mo Damtew, Intro to Communications, Spring 2023