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Hillary Brown

People often describe Hilary Brown as an inclusive person and, all around, a very warm individual. Brown took a unique and interesting path in college. Before coming to Ida. B Wells, she was a geophysicist working at an oil company. She also taught in Houston, Texas for two years, which is when she realized the huge inequality of education. Depending on what city you lived in that is what level of education you would receive. Brown says she started a new life in Portland just to help the greater causes of inequality of education. Brown has been working at Ida. B Wells for seven years and she really enjoys her job because she gets to be around students, especially 9th graders. Every student to her is very unique and she learns a lot from them. Outside of work, Brown enjoys camping and traveling. She also loves to hike around forest park with her two kids. In addition, she is a very avid food enthusiast; she enjoys trying new foods from around the world. Overall, her favorite thing to wonder about is Earth science. She often wonders about how the mountains and every land form came to exist. Brown said “I like the way we are directly connected to Earth.” Brown is a very wise person, and if you aspire to talk to someone about the Earth or physics, she would be the best person to talk to about that topic.  

Written by Edie King, Intro to Journalism, Fall 2021