Degrees and Certifications:

Walmer, Steve

Steve Walmer has been an educator since 1985 and has taught at Ida B. Wells High School for 12 years. He previously worked at Marshall High School, Benson High School, and Franklin High School. Mr. Walmer enjoys playing fast-pitch softball and all things building. He has built four houses in his life, two of which he lived in. Mr Walmer’s teaching style has evolved over his years of experience. When first teaching woods and metals, his assignments tended to be structured projects. He decided to introduce a new way of teaching after noticing that students did not seem attached to their projects. His current teaching style is centered around projects that focus on students' own independent interests. “We’re gonna make something you want,” he said. Mr. Walmer makes it his goal to foster creativity in his classroom to give students the ability to explore without limit.

Written by Audrey Plombon, Intro to Communications, Fall 2022