• Ida B. Wells High School Parent Organizations Explained


    The Ida B. Wells HS Foundation funds teaching positions, raising funds to decrease class sizes and provide a diverse range of electives. The Foundation is the only entity that can pay for staff, and contributions help mitigate cuts to our school due to district and state shortfalls. Foundation receives direct contributions from families in the form of monthly contributions on a credit card, matching gifts from employers, contributions made at House Parties, responses to direct fundraising appeals and the Auction (May 2, 2020). Last year the Foundation was able to provide funding to supplement teaching and support positions. Learn more here.


    The Ida B. Wells HS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) supports Wilson academics and parent education. It provides academic scholarships, parent education workshops, funds for classroom projects and staff recognition. The PTA also sponsors grad night, the scrip program, and serves as a liaison and advocate for the school within the community. Visit our webpage on the Ida B. Wells school site for more information.

    Booster Club

    The Ida B. Wells High School Booster Club supports all Ida B. Wells HS extracurricular activities, programs and clubs. We provide financial support to sports and clubs at Wilson through a grant program. Last year we provided over $40,000 in grants, covering items such as equipment, player scholarships, camps, trainers, rental fees, transportation, speakers, etc. We provide funding beyond what is provided by the school or district budget. The Booster Club earns its funds through concession and apparel sales as well as our annual Christmas tree sale. All of these take many volunteers in order to raise the funds needed. The Booster Club also promotes school spirit, athletic excellence, teamwork and school engagement in all we do. Visit our website at https://www.ibwboosterclub.org/

    Parent volunteers are critical to the success of the school but volunteering is also fun and a great way to meet other parents, staff, students and the whole Wilson Community!  

    If you are interested in volunteering and would like more information, please contact:
    Ida B. Wells HS Booster Club President: Jessica Christiansen, jessicac@ibwboosterclub.org
    Ida B. Wells HS Foundation Chair:  Brad Nelson, bknelson@cascadeautoglass.com
    Ida B. Wells PTA President: Beth Cooke, cookeb@comcast.net

    The mission of the Ida B. Wells HS Booster Club is to financially support all Wilson High extracurricular activities, sports, programs and clubs.

    The Ida B. Wells HS Booster Club is looking for volunteers for these roles for the 2021-2022 School Year:

    Vice President - This position will substitute for President if they're unavailable to run meetings or respond to inquiries.  The VP also fields funding requests, asks any follow-up questions and presents the requests in the meeting for membership votes.  Time commitment is probably maximum 10 hours per month during the school year.
    Secretary - This position takes notes at Booster Meetings.  Required to be at the Booster meetings. This is a great role to learn all about Boosters and there is no experience necessary.  Time commitment is probably maximum 3 hours monthly during the school year, including attending the meetings.
    Signup.com Coordinator - This position updates our Signup account with all the sports games and events where Boosters will have concessions open.  You can do this task on your own schedule and meeting attendance is not required; it is always an online job.  Time commitment is approximately 3 hours per month.
    Christmas Tree Sale Lead/co-leads - Far and away our biggest fundraiser of the year.  The former lead will still be a parent but needs to step away from leading the whole sale.  The lead(s) run several committee meetings in advance and work from a pre-established playbook, then is generally available during the sale.  You're not expected to be onsite during the entire event!   Time commitment is 10 hours of planning and more hours in person during the weekends of the sale.


    The mission of the Ida B. Wells HS Foundation is to maintain a high quality education at Ida B. Wells HS by adding teachers to reduce class sizes and increase elective choices for every student.  

    The mission of the Wilson PTA is to keep parents informed, support teachers, advocate for the Wilson community, and fund teacher grants and academic programs.