Degrees and Certifications:

Rebecca Belknap

Rebecca Belknap knew she was destined to be a teacher when she was in school. Her high school had a daycare, meaning she got to take two to five-year-old kids on field trips and care for them. After deciding she wanted to be a teacher, she went to college at George Fox University for her undergrad and Lewis and Clark College for her master’s. “It was really interesting, since they are very different schools from each other, even though I preferred one to the other, I think it helped me understand the diversity of teaching, and what works for some might not work for another student,” she said. In the 11 years she has taught, she says that having the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and connect with them is her favorite part of the job. When Ms. Belknap isn’t teaching, she enjoys hanging out with her dog, Beau, playing the cello and listening to all kinds of music.

Written by Penelope Bringuier, Intro to Communications, Fall 2023